Sunday, 30 April 2006

Return to WingHouse

A few days late, just a quick update on The original Wing House. Had a delightful evening with Nee and Ray. We decided to take in wing night. The place was pretty empty, which is sad on a wing night.

I had been recovering from a digestive virus and was cautious of trying a hotter version of Home of the Brave sauce, but after seeing Ray's enthusiasm, I decided to go for it. Ray was discouraged by the owner when trying to order a flavour combo, and ended up with the same as me, Home of the Brave with Suicide (last time I tried homicide). I was thoroughly disappointed with the heat (barely a tingle) but thankfully the flavour is soooo good. Ray went on to get another order of wings, the Johnny Knoxville bbq wings, which I wouldn't order on my own. They had a sour flavour to them that just didn't do it for me.
More down sides included Nee's chicken fingers, which were just your regular store bought frozen chicken fingers (but the fries were good), no beer on tap, still no debit/visa, but they were in the process of hiring more staff.

Overall, the wings are still good and I always want more. But Wing House still needs a lot of improvement.

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Ricky said...

They better get their act together by Friday, which will be my last wing experience for 4 months. I suggest that you don't eat wings this week at all, just to get ready for Friday