Friday, 7 April 2006

Humpty Dumpty Buffalo Wing Chips

Planning to do some hanging out this Friday night, Nee and I decided to get some snacks. Looking at the snacks in the convinience store, I came across the following bag:

"Buffalo Wing" chips eh Humpty Dumpty? Why not. Actually they also had "Spicy Wing" flavour as well, which was tempting, but that can be tried another day. Question, is it sad to get a bag of wing flavoured chips just to do a review for your blog???

THE SCORE (revised for chips)

SIZE of CHIPS: mostly large, except for broken ones
HEAT: for a chip, 8/10
WET NAP FACTOR: 2/5 for grease
PRICE: got 2 bags of chips for $5 at Mac's


CHOICE: Buffalo Wing, Spicy Wing

I'm often skeptical with Humpty Dumpty chips. They are often a cheaper brand and rarely pack a lot of flavour. However, upon arriving home, it was first a surprise that they were rippled (rippled often have more seasoning in my opinion). Second, as chicken wing chips, they were 'on the jazz'.

These chips actually had a bite. A little numbing of the lips after eating just a few? There are some joints that serve suicide wings weaker than these! The taste is a combonation of bbq and salt & vinegar, which gives it a spicy, tangy taste.

So if you can't get your favourite wings or your looking for a more traditional party snack, Humpty Dumpty's Buffalo Wing chips are a great spicy alternative.


William C. Bisonford said...

I think you may have a problem. There are places you can go for help. There's nothing to be ashamed of in asking for help. It's out there, you just have to ask.

Bibliophile said...


i agree... these were yummy chips. good flavour and a bit of tanginess - i even enjoyed them and i HATE wings!!!