Sunday, 16 April 2006

Ottawa Wings Part I - DERRINGER's SALOON


Oh Canada!

On last minute notice, Dude got a job in Ottawa and needed to go up to find an apartment. Needing some assistance navigating, looking at places, as well as just keeping company - I thought I would come along and check out our nation's capital and see what it could offer for wings.

Before getting to checking out the wings, I have to say I loved Ottawa. Driving was a breeze through the city, taking maybe 20 mins to get from one side to another and not because its a small city, but that it just seems to do traffic right. Also, the people were so friendly, giving it the "City with a Small Town Feel" quote I kept hearing true as possible. However, Ottawa being so far away does make me feel living in Toronto IS the centre of the universe. Sorry Dude, there isn't going to be much visiting.
On to the wing hunt!

Just before leaving for Ottawa, I did a quick Google search for "best wings" in Ottawa, which led me to THIS site, as well as HERE, to keep some meal options open. Believing this individual's information about a Friday night wing night (or every night cheap wings) Dude and I headed of to Derringer's Saloon.

Finding the place was waaaaaay easier than we thought, and free parking in the city over the weekend was great. The area was a bit of a dive, but we didn't let that stop us. Derringer's was relatively empty, but I really liked the 'saloon' feel. I was expecting a more stylish atmosphere ('Derringer' screams 1930's gangster to me) but the large Tex-Mex menu made up for that. The question was, would the wings?

SIZE of WINGS: small
HEAT: 5/10 for hot, 7/10 for suicide
WET NAP FACTOR: 4/5, very wet but not soggy
PRICE: $7 for about 10

SAUCE CHOICE: mild/medium/hot/suicide (one or two others, I can't remember, sorry!)
SIDES: none
WETNAP: yes 1, and it was needed
WING NIGHT: Wednesdays (not everyday as advertised on websites), don't know the value

Ok my biggest disappointment was the fact that the wings were not on special for 35 cents a piece. Thats fine, I can pay full price. But the fact that these wings were kind of small made me disappointed in the cost of the wings, especially with no veggies and dip on the side.

I have become more and more cynical about wing sauce in my years, so to be safe, I ordered Hot, with a side of Suicide - and my intuition was right. The hot was not a bad flavour, it had a hint of BBQ, but that peppery flavour was dominant and thus did not make me so happy. The suicide was VERY similar ti the 'killer suicide' of The Wing Machine (I haven't reviewed them yet!) which is almost a paste, and even more peppery. And loyal readers know my feelings on substituting heat through pepper.
The wings were saucy, yet maintained their crispness. 

Other highlights of dinner included an EXCELLENT poutine and Dude got a giant, tasty Taco Salad (see LOTW photo album for more pics). We also witnessed a delicious smelling fajita that sizzled on a plate past us to another table.

So my final review, for great Tex-Mex and wonderful poutine, Derringer's Saloon. As for the sign that said "Voted Best Wings & Beans", I didn't try the beans, but the wings, you could pass on.

Derringer's Saloon
99 Montreal Rd.Ottawa
(613) 745-8188

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Derringers is closed now (June 10, 2016). I was a customer for over 25 years; my buds and I are saddened by this loss...