Friday, 26 February 2016

"Toronto's newest food truck serves up stuffed wings" says BlogTO

I do love chicken wings and I've been saying there aren't enough chicken wing food trucks. I'm going to try and check them out - let me know if you do too!

If you can't wait to find or want to try your own, I've dabbled in stuffed wings myself: Jalapeno Popper Wings.


Orenwolf said...

Thank you for bringing this up. I saw the report and was intrigued.

Can you explain to us, though, exactly *what* a "stuffed wing" actually *is*? Is it actually a wing at all? Or some breaded chicken finger concoction that just steals the name "wing"? Is there skin? Does it have to be breaded? etc.

As a fan of traditional "naked" bone-in, crispy-skin sauced-and-tossed wings, I'm skeptical that these "stuffed wings" are actually wings at all? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Wing Man!

Im happy to see this site is still alive!

Listen, for anyone interested I posted what I think is the secret to Wing Machines blue cheese sauce..its at the Wing Machine review!

Hope youre doing great!