Saturday, 6 February 2016

Super Bowl 50 GTA Wing Deals

Tomorrow is the big day.

The Super Bowl. Super Bowl 50.

You might need some chicken wings & if you live in the GTA, here's where you can get some. Personally I suggest you make your own, but we don't always have time or energy, so sometimes pre-prepared or frozen is the way to go:

Food Basics: Prime frozen wings for $6.98 790-800g - not a bad deal for frozen wings. Never tried them though.

Loblaws: They are all about wings this weekend:

  •  $2.99/lb for fresh wings - not bad. 
  •  20 cooked wings (hot or cold) for $10.
  •  President's Choice wings (700-907g) for $9.99. They don't come down to this price very often.
  •  Pinty's NFL 50th Anniversary chicken wing: $14.99  for 800g. Not a great deal and I don't know what these are beyond their normal wings.

Metro:  Fresh 2 Go 15 Hot or Chilled Chicken wings for $7.99. Do not recommend these.

RCSS:  They are also bringing it all wings this weekend:

  • 30 wings for $10. They are already cooked and are chilled.
  • President's Choice Split wings Club Size air chilled wings, $4.53/lb. I don't like $4.53 a pound as a price for wings . . .
  • President's Choice frozen Club Pack is $19.98 for honey garlic or mild Southern-style wings (1.81kg*)

*what's great about Canada is that we like to mix our metric and our imperial measurement systems. Who knows how your wings are going to be weighed.


  • Get a 16" take & bake pizza and quote "1kg and 3lb Chicken Wings" for $19.99. Does that mean you get 2 differently measured orders of wings?
  • Our Compliments frozen wings are buy 2 get the third box free. Not a wing brand I recommend either.

  • There is also 'Finger Food Faves' tray of 30 wings & 2 whole racks of wings for $44.99

Walmart:  Pinty's wings (810-950g) are $9.97 for a frozen box of wings. This is a big sale for Pinty wings which are usually $15 a box.

Those are the main sales I saw this weekend - do you know of any others? What did I miss? Tell me if you tried any of these and what you thought:

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