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Buzzfeed's Top 22 Wing Places

Last month I posted about Buzzfeed Community writer Andrew Ziegler`s question, what the best wings people had ever had. Well, the now have the answer:

22 Chicken Wings You Have To Try Before You Die

You’ll never look at wings the same way again.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to name the best chicken wing they’ve ever had. Here are their delicious responses.

Creative Commons / Flickr: jdtornow / Pok Pok / J.Timothy’s / Pic-A-Lilli Inn / Via Flickr: jdtornow / Facebook: pokpoknational / Facebook: jtimothys

1. Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings — Pok Pok (Portland, Oregon)

Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings — Pok Pok (Portland, Oregon)
Pok Pok / Via Facebook: pokpoknational
“Fresh Amish natural chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep-fried, tossed in caramelized Phú Quốc fish sauce and garlic.” Crunchy, sticky, and delicious.
Submitted by Matthew Rivera, Facebook

2. Dirt Wings — J.Timothy’s (Plainville, Connecticut)

Dirt Wings — J.Timothy’s (Plainville, Connecticut)
J Timothy’s / Via Facebook: jtimothys
The Dirt Style wings at J. Timothy’s can come in any flavor. What makes these uniquely delicious wings “dirt style” is the cooking process. According to the menu, they’re “sauced, fried, and sauced again, for a caramelized, crispier wing.”
Submitted by nicoleh4361abff8

3. “Winger Winger Chicken Dinner” Smoked Confit Wings — Patty & Bun (London)

"Winger Winger Chicken Dinner" Smoked Confit Wings — Patty & Bun (London)
Patty & Bun / Via
These stunningly beautiful wings are smothered in a smoky and sweet barbecue sauce and topped off with fresh, crisp scallions. Underneath this generous layer of sauce, the skin is deliciously crispy and the meat is juicy and tender. “Winger Winger Chicken Dinner” indeed!
Submitted by Giulia Reis, Facebook

4. Hot Wings — Charlie’s Bar (Somers Point, New Jersey)

Hot Wings — Charlie's Bar (Somers Point, New Jersey)
Charlie’s Bar / Via Facebook: CharliesBarAndRestaurant
Boasting some of the best wings in the region, this restaurant’s take on the classic Buffalo wing is saucy, tender, and delicious. Served with homemade blue cheese and fresh celery to complement that finger-lickin’-good Tail Gun Sauce — or if you’re really brave, try the Top Gun Sauce, which, as the menu claims, is “Hell fire! No Kidding!”
Submitted by Jimmy Handshaw, Facebook

5. Yangnyum Chicken Wings — Chicken Up (Tanjong Pagar, Singapore)

Yangnyum Chicken Wings — Chicken Up (Tanjong Pagar, Singapore)
Chicken Up / Via Facebook: ChickenUp
Korean-style double-fried, hot and spicy, sticky and sweet chicken wings topped with a light sprinkle of sesame seeds. Golden, glistening, and delicious.
Submitted by Stacy Dakota, Facebook

6. Crack Sauce Wings — Roo Bar (Denver)

Crack Sauce Wings — Roo Bar (Denver)
The fan-favorite Crack Wings are “medium hot with garlic & honey.” What makes these wings special, however, is a secret ingredient that the menu alleges “may or may not be actual crack.”
Submitted by NyanGrrl

7. Hot Wings — Duff’s Famous Wings (Amherst, New York)

Hot Wings — Duff's Famous Wings (Amherst, New York)
Duff’s Famous Wings / Via Facebook: DuffsFamousWings
The menu warns, “WARNING! MEDIUM IS HOT! MEDIUM HOT IS VERY HOT! HOT IS VERY VERY HOT!” Duff’s wings are considered among the best in the city in which they were invented. This is about as close to authentic Buffalo-style wings as you can get.
Submitted by Amanda Canada Brodene, Facebook

8. General Tso Wings — Blue Duck Sandwich Company (Philadelphia)

General Tso Wings — Blue Duck Sandwich Company (Philadelphia)
Blue Duck Sandwich Company / Via
A cross between two of the most beloved ways to prepare chicken, the wings are crispy, the sauce spicy and sweet. They’re sprinkled with scallions and served with a side of wasabi blue cheese.
Submitted by Lisa Ann, Facebook

9. Dry Fried Chicken Wings — San Tung (San Francisco)

Dry Fried Chicken Wings — San Tung (San Francisco)
San Tung / Via
Although they’re dry-fried, the menu promises they’ll be “wet with gravy […] deep-fried in batter sautéed in a spicy garlic sauce.” As crispy as they are saucy, the dry-fried wings from San Tung are the ideal experience for any wing lover.
Submitted by Siobhan Gottlieb, Facebook

10. Shark Wings — Parrot’s Cay Tavern & Grill (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

Shark Wings — Parrot's Cay Tavern & Grill (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
Parrot’s Cay Tavern & Grill / Rachel Porter
These are fried to perfection and doused in the restaurant’s famous shark sauce, which is described as a cross between the classic Buffalo and barbecue sauces. These wings are hot and tasty and they’ll leave you wanting more.
Submitted by Crousselle

11. Buffalo Chicken Wings — The Peanut (Kansas City)

Buffalo Chicken Wings — The Peanut (Kansas City)
The Peanut / Via Facebook: peanutwingskc
The Peanut is known for selling massive wings, wing tip and all. Peppery and smothered in Buffalo sauce, these wings are as delicious as they are filling. They’re served with a homemade blue cheese that will complete the experience.
Submitted by christianv42ac64c47

12. Tiger Wings — East Village Grille (Asheville, North Carolina)

Tiger Wings — East Village Grille (Asheville, North Carolina)
East Village Grille / Via Facebook: lasalitasdelabtk
East Village Grille’s Tiger Wings are praised for their size and for being a unique and delicious take on the hot wing — although that traditional label feels insufficient. These wings are breaded before they’re fried and sauced. As crispy as they are juicy, the Tiger Wings need to be on your bucket list.
Submitted by matthewt4f6bc35e6

13. Sweetwater Wings — Sweetwater Tavern (Detroit)

Sweetwater Wings — Sweetwater Tavern (Detroit)
Sweetwater Tavern / Via
This award-winning chicken wing is “marinated for 24 hours [and] dredged in spices” before it’s deep-fried to crisp perfection and served with celery sticks and blue cheese.
Submitted by insaned

14. Burn Your Face Off (B.Y.F.O.) Wings — CJ’s (Columbia, Missouri)

Burn Your Face Off (B.Y.F.O.) Wings — CJ's (Columbia, Missouri)
CJ’s / Via
The B.Y.F.O. Wing is drenched in CJ’s signature sauce of the same name. They’re hot — extremely so. The menu claims, “this sauce really turns up the heat while maintaining an excellent and enjoyable flavor” and their dedicated patrons seem to agree. If you love hot wings, you need to try these.
Submitted by Jason Bowman, Facebook

15. Honey Butter BBQ Wings — Bar Bill (East Aurora, New York)

Honey Butter BBQ Wings — Bar Bill (East Aurora, New York)
Creative Commons / Flickr: navin75 / Via Flickr: navin75
While all the wings at Bar Bill are to die for, the consensus seems to be that the Honey Butter BBQ sauce is the best option. Sweet, crispy, and delicious — just be sure to order them “extra saucy.”
Submitted by jstubbs87

16. Cowboy Ranch Wings — Mario’s Fishbowl (Morgantown, West Virginia)

Cowboy Ranch Wings — Mario's Fishbowl (Morgantown, West Virginia)
Mario’s Fishbowl / Via
Frequenters of Mario’s Fishbowl can’t stop talking about the Cowboy Ranch sauce. It’s packed with flavor and goes with just about anything — fries, onion rings, burgers, etc. — but they go best with Mario Fishbowl’s juicy, succulent wings. The Cowboy Ranch Wings will set the bar high when it comes to quality.
Submitted by Liz Lorah Ellis, Facebook

17. Suicide Wings — Buffalo Joe’s (Evanston, Illinois)

Suicide Wings — Buffalo Joe's (Evanston, Illinois)
Buffalo Joe’s / Via
In case the spicy hot sauce wasn’t enough, Buffalo Joe’s Suicide Wings come topped with sliced jalapeños. While the milder wing sauces are also great, the suicide wings make for an experience unlike any other. “They’re served hot and buttery with chilled celery sticks and ranch.” Yum.
Submitted by Judith Singer, Facebook

18. Confit Chicken Wings — The Greenhouse Tavern (Cleveland)

Confit Chicken Wings — The Greenhouse Tavern (Cleveland)
Creative Commons / Flickr: edsel_ / Via Flickr: edsel_
Cured in salt, brown sugar, and chili flakes for over 24 hours and baked in fat. The confit chicken wings at The Greenhouse Tavern are fall-off-the-bone tender and unlike any wing you’ve ever tried.
Submitted by Brandy Jordan, Facebook

19. Buffalo Wings — Pic-A-Lilli Inn (Shamong, New Jersey)

Buffalo Wings — Pic-A-Lilli Inn (Shamong, New Jersey)
Pic-A-Lilli Inn / Via Facebook: 173790506042623
You can’t go wrong ordering wings from Pic-A-Lilli Inn, which are praised for all five of their sauces. These wings may be on the smaller side but they pack a punch. Whether you’re feeling brave enough to order them hot or garlic Parmesan is more your pace, these wings are incredibly crispy and delicious.
Submitted by Glenn D’Auria, Facebook

20. Chicken Wings — Points East Pub (Milwaukee)

Chicken Wings — Points East Pub (Milwaukee)
Creative Commons / Flickr: eytonz / Via Flickr: eytonz
Points East’s wings come in only one flavor, and they’re world famous. Described as being some middle ground between dry-rubbed and saucy without committing entirely to one or the other, these wings are both meaty and crispy. They seem to have just the right amount of all worlds.
Submitted by Jerilyn Lee, Facebook

21. Jose Wings — Brickhouse Tavern (Newport News, Virginia)

Jose Wings — Brickhouse Tavern (Newport News, Virginia)
Brickhouse Tavern
Anyone who’s been to Brickhouse Tavern will tell you that the Jose Wings are a must. The sauce is made from a perfect blend of hot sauce and BBQ sauce — just the right amount of tangy and just the right amount of spicy.
Submitted by Marquita Parker, Facebook

22. Hot Wings — The Anchor Bar (Buffalo, New York)

Hot Wings — The Anchor Bar (Buffalo, New York)
Creative Commons / Flickr: jdtornow / Via Flickr: jdtornow
On a list of chicken wings you need to eat before you die, it would be a crime not to include the original. The Anchor Bar has been doing it longer than anybody, all while staying true to Theressa Bellissimo’s original recipe. Served with celery and blue cheese, this wing experience is as authentic as they come.
Submitted by Andrew Ziegler


I have been to 2 places on this list (Anchor Bar and Duff`s) but I`d sure like to try these all.

My highlights from above would be:

  • Dirt Wings from J Timothy`s  - how can sauce, fried, then sauced be wrong?
  • Buffalo Wings from The Peanut - I've heard good things about these wings . . .
  • Honey Butter Wings from Bar Bill - bbq and hot sounds good!

Have you had any of these wings? Are they the best? What is your best?

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Chris said...

I'll have to try the Tiger Wings the next time I get over to Asheville. This was a very interesting list, a lot of different ideas.