Thursday, 2 August 2012


Spring was in the air, I was in the National Capital Region, and I had heard about a new pub,called The Burbs, in Kanata, which is a suburb of Ottawa. Off to lunch on a beautiful day and I was hoping for some good wings.

The Burbs is in a small strip mall in south part of Kanata. I think pubs have come and gone from this location before its current identity. I did like the sign and the colour of the umbrella's on the patio.

They had just opened up and with the really nice weather I sat out on the patio. It wouldn't be long before more and more patrons showed up. My server was there but not greatly personable. Another server brought me my food and was much more friendly.

Soon, I had my wide platter of wings.

Wings come in 1lb orders, with about about 12 wings in a pound.

I found it interesting that they were laid out in a wide platter. Usually wings are piled up, which as a pro would keep them warmer, but may increase sogginess? I wonder . . .

I've ranted again and again about Ottawa and sour cream as a dipping sauce. The menu specifies sour cream, and no veggies? What is up with that? But I asked if I could get something other than sour cream. My waitress asked if I wanted blue cheese? Yes! Why isn't this the automatic go to? It was a good dip with lots of chunks in it too. I ended up dipping wings in here.

My photos have a weird tint - I tried to colour correct . .  but still greenish
The wings were a medium in length. The wings were semi-meaty - also about a medium. The skin was nice and crispy. Thee wings are put through a flour dusting which added to the crispy skin. I also went with 2 sauces for my wings: hot on wings and a side of suicide. The wings came out wet, but not sopping wet.


Hot was standard cayenne based hot sauce. Good, not really hot, but good classic pub wings.


Suicide had a nice kick to it. It burned fast and then died off quick. I wish the sauce wasn't cold though.


I wasn't crazy about The Burbs. The wings were pretty standard - a few sauces, medium wings, but a nice crispy skin. The chicken wings are not the star here. Nothing is bad, but nothing stood out about my experience either. 6/10

The Burbs Pub & Eatery
501 Hazeldean Road, Kanata ON


4299273 said...

The wings at The Burbs are OK, but what they become known for is the breakfast menu. it is always busy in mornings, especially on the weekends.They serve a "Hangover special" $14 that is 3 eggs, 2 pancakes (they put out REAL maple syrup) bacon sausage & ham. And instead of potatoes... poutine!
it's so big my wife and I usually share one. plus.they have the best cup of coffee in Kanata IMO.

Lord of the Wings said...

@4299273/Suburbandissent - I have heard they have a great breakfast there. And a tasty poutine sounds, well tasty!