Thursday, 2 August 2012


RIP - King West Wings is NOW CLOSED

Back in May, I was given the go ahead to move into the Dean's suite in my building. It's pretty 'sweet' alright. But moving was a long, drawn out process. Exhausted and not prepared to cook (where are the dishes?) I decided to order out. 

I decided to get take-out from The Wing Company. Only when I looked up the website, turns out, the downtown location closed down. But in it's place was King West Wings.

I ordered take-out, but took some outdoor shots since
So looking at the online menu, nothing seemed to have changed except ownership. And the name. Not the logo, it's the same just with a new name. It was a Monday, and wings were on 50% extra as a wing special, I decided to get 2 orders of wings that I could enjoy for a a couple of days. 

The delivery guy arrived within 30 minutes, but he was ornery. Something about him parking and he was mad at me because he could get a ticket or something? I didn't understand his angry rant (he did get a ticket? or not? He parked across the street instead of the pull up of my building? what?). I paid him and I was quickly having dinner.

Each order gave me a choice of sides. I decided to go with onion rings for one order. They were . . . not impressive. They were very soft - not very crispy. The onion is cut too thick in my opinion. I would not get them again.

With my other order, I went with potato wedges. These were more to my liking. Crispy coating, soft inside. They could use more seasoning in my opinion (I love spicy wedges), but these were good.

You also get two dips. Blue cheese on the left (standard restaurant bottled BC) and Dill dip on the right. Good for dipping the potato and onion products in.

And then there were the wings.

Well I was glad to see things were pretty much as I had known them before. A normal order comes with 10 wings, but since it was a Monday, I got 5 more wings.

Wings ranged from medium to large sized wings, but they were a meaty wing. The wings are breaded, then deep fried. They impressively stand up to the travel and sauce in delivery. I mean the skin was not as crispy had it been eaten in store, but they still had a crunch when I bit into them.

BBQ Chipotle

This was a good sauce, a little spicy smokey.

Nothing amazing - nothing that really stood out over all. But it had a little heat and was tasty.

5 Alarm

I've had the 5 Alarm before and I like it. It is has a kick. It's a little sweet. It's saucy.

It reminds me of the wings at Moose Winooski's - not quite, but very good.


Good size, tasty sauces. Wings traveled well in delivery. In my opinion, the best delivery wings in downtown Toronto.  7/10

King West Wings
700  King Street West, Toronto ON

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