Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pizza Pizza Buffalo Wings

I'm a sucker for a deal, especially if it involves pizza. So a week or two ago I came across a pizza deal and a wing deal from Pizza Pizza (Jan/Feb 2012).

Pizza Pizza (PP) is not the best pizza. It's not the worst. Its chain economy pizza and what it really has going for it is customization and deals. 

The first part of the deal I got was their "Any Size Pizza" deal, which this time ACTUALLY is any size (normally doesn't include X-Large). It's any size pizza, 3 toppings, 2 cans of pop, and dipping sauce for $13.99. And right now they have a "Buffalo Chicken Pizza" to boot.

The other deal was the return of $0.50 tossed and sauced wings. $0.50 is not a great wing night at the pub deal, but for take-out, you aren't going to get much better. And they now have a Buffalo Sauce for their wings. Well I thought I'd try that out.

Above are the 'Buffalo' sauced wings. I agree, I don't see any sauce either.

Actually they are sauced, its just absorbed into the breading. The breading remained crispy, so that's a plus. That might be due to the cardboard box with air holes in it.

The chicken was crispy, but not so big. About a medium in length, but fairly meaty. Lots of breading on it, but you can get them non-breaded as well.

There was not much flavour to these. I had to strain to get a hot sauce flavour from them. It was really disappointing. I think the Sinfully Hot is a better sauce.

So I added my own hot sauce to give them the sauciness that I craved. This made it better.

My pizza: an X-Large, supposed to be thick crust but came thin crust, with hot Italian sausage, bacon and pepperoni. I think I may have had a heart attack after this pizza. 

It's a decent deal that you can pair up. They were not great wings, and the pizza was ok. It was all a bit much for me in the end but it did serve as several meals for several days. Your call.


Chris said...

Cool...but they don't deliver to my area, ha ha.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - not a problem - I'm sure you can get better pizza/wing take-out where you are?

Jason Wayne Riddell said...

I found the new buffalo sauce, at least on the wings to be pretty vile. It was slimy and had small particles of blue cheese that did not mesh well for me. I still am debating trying the pizza tho, it has some potential but you are right even at best it's likely only ok, since it is Pizza Pizza

Lord of the Wings said...

@Jason - Mine didn't have any blue cheese that I could see. Tell me how the pizza goes if you get it!

Jeffrey Gamble said...

Having tried their pizza, result -a waste of money so called thick crust was uncooked on top and middle but burnt black on bottom. A complaint resulted in being offered a free drink on next order over 9.99 - save the time and effort and stay as far away from pizzapizza in brockville as possible it's by far the worst I have had in the past 30years

Lord of the Wings said...

@Jeffrey Gamble - thanks for posting. It sucks when you don't get what you want - and a free drink after a $10 purchase isn't much to cause repeat business. Good for you for bringing them your concern. Is there a good local joint for pizza and wings in Brockville?