Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chicken Wings and the Superbowl

So tomorrow is the Superbowl.

I won't lie, that means little to me because I don't care for sports. I don't even know what teams are playing.
But there is one thing that is significant about the Superbowl: chicken wings.

More wings are consumed in one day than any other time of year. And while I've been busy with work and not posting all week, I am making a super post (for the Superbowl) about all things wings related to tomorrow. News articles, posts, deals etc. Check it out:


The Globe & Mail
"The Perfect Match: Superbowl and Chicken Wings"

Toronto Sun
"Wing in the Super Bowl"

Toronto Star
"Delicious Chicken Wings Are Full of Fat & Loaded With Salt"
(sent by Teena In Toronto)

The Globe and Mail
"1.25 Billion Chicken Wings: Everything you need to know (or not) about the Super Bowl"

"New Record Set At Wing Bowl XX: Kobayashi wins with record-breaking 337 Wings"
(sent by The World of Gord)


"Eat a Chicken Wing with One Hand"
(Sent by Fuzzification)

View the Vibe (.com)
"Toronto Chicken Wing Battle Just in Time for the Superbowl"

The Toronto Chicken Wing Battle as Decided by Six Girls from View the Vibe on Vimeo.


"Buffalo Chicken Pizza"

METRO Grocery
"Weekend Meal Deal" & "Olymel Frozen Deal"

Loblaws Superstore

Pizza Pizza

I'm sure there are a lot more deals and info for wings and the Superbowl, but this should be enough to get you started! Here's hope your team wings wins :)


Teena in Toronto said...

I see that Duff's is closed just so they can make chicken wings for take out orders today. Crazy!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - can you imagine that they must make so much in take-out that that is more profitable than diners in house with beer!

Teena in Toronto said...