Monday, 24 January 2011

Pizza Pizza's Tossed and Sauced Wings

A while back I was on Synnful Ratings reading about a promotion from Pizza Pizza. When Jason reviewed them they were just in a test market phase, but now they have expanded all over. The new campaign was for their "Tossed and Sauced Wings" - breaded chicken wings tossed in 7 new sauces, that they advertise for $0.50 a peice if you order them with a pizza.

Well, I couldn't resist trying them out for myself. I marched into an empty Pizza Pizza and was ready for my wings.

First thing, there was no evidence of these new wings anywhere. No poster, no sign, no flyer. But I had just heard an add on the radio. I asked the young girl at the counter, but English was far from her first language. I tried to explain I was looking for their new wings . . . I had heard them on the radio . . . tossed and sauced? Finally she found them on the terminal. For them to be $0.50, I had to order a pizza, so I got their $4.99 medium walk-in special, and 10 wings.

The 5 dollar pizza was not bad. I got thin crust and my one topping as pepperoni. Nothing special, but not bad. I should have gotten a creamy garlic dipping sauce.

The chicken was breaded, deep fried and then (according to their website) "will now be tossed in a large bowl with tongs to coat each wing individually, a new take on the original method of preparation."

The size of the wings are medium but very meaty, with a lot of breading. The breading and the skin are completely fused, making for a slightly crispy but slightly rubbery skin. The chicken meat was very tender.

When choosing sauces, they all looked interesting. The usual wing sauces are hot, bbq, sweet chili and honey garlic, but now there are several other fancier flavours. I went with their Sinfully Hot, but then asked if I could get the Forty Creek Whisky BBQ on the side. She said no because they didn't come in containers. Now I know that's because they "coat each wing individually." So I just went with Sinfully Hot.

Sinfully Hot really reminded me of Pizza Pizza's hot sauce (their own recipe, but they also serve Frank's) but a little bit hotter. The wings were not as saucy as I expected, but the wings were wet enough.

Would I get them again? Sure. I am very curious to try the new BBQ and the Chipotle Amarillo, but I don't think I will be rushing anytime soon. Since the first review Jason has had them again and recommends asking for them well done. Maybe I will do the same.


Indianguy said...

Yes? Hi! If they had the wing breading competition these are the world champions. (After the coors light they are still the tasty).

Chris said...

I like that last photo, the corner of the box almost matches up with the pizza wedge!

polishare auto said...

I gave up eating fast food a while back, but I have to admit that those wings look yummy. Not to mention the pizza. I guess I can sin every now and then, right?

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm not a fan of frozen lazy breaded wings :( I adore pizza, though :)

Lord of the Wings said...

@Indianguy - they know their breading

@Chris - nice, I didn't even notice!

@polishare auto - Yes, sinning is encouraged here when it involves pizza and wings! Thanks for stopping by the blog btw.

@Teena - I totally understand.