Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nibble Me This's trip to Dead End BBQ

Back in September, Chris over at Nibble Me This sent me this - and I was going to put it up, then Chris might have gotten more photos, but he couldn't, then I didn't get them up. But now I can. Or am, or will. Here they are. Sorry for the delay Chris.

"After Trevor's 12 y/o football game this week (another loss, we're 0-3) we stopped by our favorite BBQ place, Dead End BBQ to help erase the "sting of defeat". Dead End BBQ is almost 2 years old but it dawned on me I had never had their wings so I thought I'd give them a try.

Dead End BBQ hits them with their rub, smokes their wings for 2 hours and then "crisps" them to order. A lot of BBQ smokers prefer to smoke their wings and then flash fry them at the end so I guess that's what Dead End BBQ does. They offer them in 4 varieties:

Naked Smoked BBQ Wings - Served with their award winning BBQ sauce
Buffalo Wings - Smoke House Wings served Buffalo style with a smoky kick
Spicy BBQ Wings - Big BBQ flavor with a spicy kick.
Dead Hot Wings - Smoke House Wings served crazy hot with habanero sauce I like habanero in moderation but went with the Spicy BBQ wings instead. I figured I could handle any heat “spicy BBQ wings” could deliver.

Mrs NibbleMeThis waiting for our order but notice the glass in the background. One of the owners is an architect and wanted an “open kitchen” so you can see the food being prepared. He enclosed the two smokers in this glass area.

The wings come 8 to an order and include blue cheese or ranch dressing with carrots and celery.
They were big meaty wings, the kind I get when I buy fresh and cut my own at home. I could see the spices from the rub but it was the sauce that worried me. I could see chile seeds resting in the sauce. Uh oh.....

The skin was crispy and the meat was juicy tender. The flavor started off as just sweet and bold but then after the second bite, the heat started building. By the third bite my lips were stinging and I was sniffling. Turns out these things were as hot as I could tolerate.

As I sat there with watery eyes, I actually thought about how LOTW would scoff at me for having such a hard time with the “spicy” wings instead of the Dead Hot Wings. I like to think they messed up and served me the Dead Hot Wings by mistake!

I think I'll go back on Wednesday's wing night ($.50 a wing) to try them both and find out.

Sounds like a great place. And I would not scoff at suffering at anything called "Dead Hot" - although they looked mighty tasty to me!

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