Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WWWWWW #41 - Happy Mouth

Yes, World Wide Web Wacky Wing Wednesday. WWWWWW. This is where I will surf the Web, and find other people talking about chicken wings. The world is full of chicken wing stories, wacky and otherwise. Recipes, restaurant reviews, eating contests or whatever. Today's Blog relating to wings in some shape or form:

I just returned from Ottawa last week, so to honour that trip I decided to focus on an Ottawa food blog, Happy Mouth. Run by married couple Rob and Maureen Rose, they write about restaurants and recipes and some very tasty sounding food. I love the description of the name of their blog:

Happy Mouth” is a term we’ve used with each other for years. We often declare that we have “happy mouth” at the end of a terrific meal and the taste of the food, with its spices and textures and all of its accompaniments, are lingering in a haze of joyful satisfaction."

Since they are here, they have clearly talked about chicken wings:

On a road trip to Memphis last year they stopped in at Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken.  They saw this place on Diners Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri - which was one of my favourite episodes because of this place. I am super jealous they tried the chicken with teh "Sweet Spicy Love" sauce with the Corruption Spice!

Also road tripping in the States to Austin Texas, they went to The Green Mesquite - also shown on Triple D. I will just let them describe them: "large meaty wings, slow-smoked and dripping with the house sauce, had perfect tang and sweetness, hot from the kitchen, needed no accompaniment, despite the superfluous ranch dressing on the side. It went untouched."

And how can you forget their chicken wing themed "Buffalo Wing Risotto".  "Who doesn’t love risotto and who doesn’t love Buffalo chicken wings? This recipe has all the flavours: beer (for de-glazing instead of white wine), celery, butter, Frank’s Hot Sauce, and creamy blue cheese. So if you like medium spicy Buffalo wings and don’t want to mess with saucy fingers and bones, or you want a fun but elegant dish for company all in one bowl, this is for you." Sounds yummy!

So head on over and check them out. Lots of interesting reads and great photos!

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