Thursday, 23 June 2011

I'm Judging at the London International Food Festival this weekend!

I'm super excited because this weekend the great folks at Family Shows Canada (the people who run the London Ribfest) are throwing the annual International Food Festival. What is doubly exciting for me is that they are bringing me to the Forrest City to judge a chicken wing competition!

I've never been to the International Food Festival, so I don't know what to fully expect, but I'm thinking it will be similar to Ribfest with more international foods. Here is a video from last years festival:

The London Community News did a recent article on the event, as well as the environmental commitment the festival has worked toward.

Below is the guide to the festival. Lots of music, activities etc.

So come on out and keep a look out for me! I'll be the one with a wing in one hand.

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