Friday, 17 June 2011

The Soup: "Freaky Eaters: Woman Has Problem With Orgy of Chicken Wings"

I don't watch a lot of E! channel very often. I go on E! Online even less. I'm just not 'hip' I guess. I have caught The Soup occasionally and I do enjoy the humour of Joes McHale so when I received an e-mail with The Soup and chicken wings, I had to check it out.  

"Freaky Eaters: Woman Has Problem With Orgy of Chicken Wings" is the title of the clip, and I guess Freaky Eaters is a TV show? (Again I'm not hip to everything on TV these days).

Anyways, the dude eats chicken wings at supper when they go out . . . um so? Apparently I'm a freaky eater then. Maybe I'm just to submersed into wing culture, but this didn't sound freaky or strange at all. I thought they were going to show him eating wings with a fork an knife or something.

Are you a "Freaky Eater"? Do you know a freaky eater? Do you consider this freaky?
Tell me in the comments and lets see how freaky we can get. Freaky.


Jason Wayne Riddell said...

I apparently am slightly freakish since I only eat french toast doused in ketchup..the idea of something sweet, ie cinnamon or powdered sugar or syrup or what not repulses me. I also have an issue with tuna sandwiches- if they are not toasted and cut diagonally they repulse me. oh and a fear of cold can goods- is scarios or zoodles.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Jason - awesome - I don't share your food 'rules' but I can respect them. I love that your tuna sandwiches have to be cut diagonally. I might gross you out as I have been known to eat cold zoodles straight from the can . . . shameful I know.