Saturday, 23 April 2011

W Burger Bar ~ Toronto ON

So the gang (Ricky, Brad and Amanda) came down for a weekend filled with film, theatre, and of course food. We saw Tornado Alley in the Omnimax (an awesome theatre due to the domed screen, worst theatre due to no drink/snack policy). Later that night we saw a reenactment of War of the Worlds with Don McKellar, Nicholas Campbell and Marc Bendavid (which was awesome by the way).

 In between movie and theatre and chilling at my place, we went out for dinner to one of the many gourmet burger joints that have sprung up in the city: W Burger Bar.

We had attempted to go to W the last time the gang was in town, but Brad was out cold by supper and the rest of us couldn't get in because it was so busy (the hostess offered to take our cell numbers when a space opened up, but we just went elsewhere). This time we a) booked a reservation and b) booked a reservation early - which was good because they soon filled up.

This place is not what you expect from a burger joint. Actually it is a chic-like place. There are flat screens that show the game du jour, black and white colour schemes and all black uniforms for all the servers and bar tenders. Speaking of servers, ours, Courtney, was wonderful. Friendly, helpful, she was just excellent.

We went through the menu, picking over all the burgers and exciting looking dishes. Courtney took our order on her fancy arm-mounted BlackBerry devices. We waited for a bit, chatting, catching up. Before long the first dishes started appearing.

Ricky ordered up some deep fried pickles ($7.99). They were dilly, crispy, well seasoned. Really good.

The panko breading worked well. The dip was good too. Really creamy and clearly home made.

I ordered up an order of their 1/2 Fresh Cut Fries 1/2 Sweet potato fries ($5.50). The fresh cut fries were good - crispy, thin. The sweet potato fries were the same. Both needed a dip, so I tried to sneak some from the pickles spears.

W Burger Bar has a variety of burgers to choose from beyond the standard beef like lamb, salmon, chicken etc. And like most people, Brad was really curious about the Kobe beef burger. Kobe is supposed to be really good, but how do you justify a burger that is $18.99 (no sides)!? Especially as this isn't truly sourced Kobe (from Japan)? Fortunately they have a slider option in the starters for $4.50.

Well, let's just say it was truly a slider. It really made me think of the old commercial "Where's the beef?!" And according to Brad, there was nothing special about it - tasted just like any other beef. It's a good thing he went with the Lamb burger as a main. He said it was good, but had to wait a while for his mint sauce.

Amanda, our vegetarian, went with the Veggie Burger ($7.99). She normally doesn't care for veggie burgers with veggies in side, but she did like this burger.

She also got a side of sweet potato fries that didn't last long.

Ricky and I both went with the Bison Burger ($9.99). I enjoy a good Bison Burger, not only because it's leaner but because it often has a meatier taste. First off, not only are there a lot of burger options, and not only are there a lot of topping options, but you also have a cooking option too: over flames or on the flat top. Immediately I chose the flames, but when Ricky asked Courtney and she recommended flat top for the Bison. So I switched my order.

 Ricky went with a much simpler toppings than I and his sauces on the side to taste the burger. I went for lots of my favourite toppings:

This was a good burger. My first thought was that the toppings were fresh (great pickle) the burger meaty, the sauces tasty. The burger had a little more crust than I prefer, so next time I think I would go with the flame grilled. The patty was thick and meaty - not too moist but not quite dry. The bacon was nice and crispy. The next time I would probably go with the classic beef burger, but pretty much the same toppings.

To finish off the meal, Amanda ordered the WBB Cheesecake ($6.99). I sampled a bit and it was pretty good. Tall too!

I think everyone was pretty happy with their meals. The service was great and there is a lot of burger variations to keep one interested in trying something different each time.

W Burger Bar
10 College Street, Toronto ON

Some photos were taken by Amanda but on my camera - thanks Amanda!


Randy in China said...

Those burgers look great!

Chris said...

I had my first Waygu beef in March. Very good but I'll tell you if it is worth the price when I buy some this month.

Looks like you guys had fun. WOTW, that must have been cool.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Randy - better than your Donkey burger?

@Chris - I will keep my eyes in NMT for this Waygu! And WOTW was soo cool, the smokey stage, the smoking actors, the props, the foley - just like being there.