Friday, 31 December 2010

LET's WING IT! ~ Toronto ON

=Let's Wing It is now close, but has returned to being a Wild Wing as it once was =

So after one guest left over the weekend, I had another come and visit. Julianna was in town from Ottawa and crashed with me for a few days. We decided we had to do a wing review together and wanted to go someplace that wasn't too far away. I had passed a place just a few blocks away, and so it was decided we would be going to Let's Wing It!

This place was a Wild Wing location that closed and reopened as an independent place. It's got the same basic concept of a saloon-like atmosphere with a ton of flavours of wings.

The place was decorated for the holiday season . . . I think. Maybe the X-mas lights are normal, I don't know. There was hockey on all the screens. The crowd was mostly 20-30ish range, although there were two guys sitting beside us, dressed identically, drinking beer - but Julianna and I were sure they were like 16. Our waitress was Emily, who was very friendly and answered a lot of questions.

It wasn't wing night, but there were two specials on that night. The first was a 33 oz domestic beer for $7! But   when Julianna tried to order Keith's, it wasn't considered domestic. But Coors and Budweiser (American Beers) were. Anyways, it was a monster glass of beer. Look at it! And Julianna being the champ she is, drank it all.

The other special on was Deep Fried Pickles for $5. These were nice and crispy, but juicy and tangy inside. And ranch for dipping. How can you not like DFP's?! They did take close to 45 minutes to come out though, so we were starved by the time they came out.

When it came to ordering the wings, Emily was able to answer a lot of questions. Julianna was feeling like veggies and dip and noticed that they could be ordered separately at an extra cost. She asked Emily if the wings come with veggies and dip, and Emily said you get one of each, but that she would hook us up. And she did, and we had them with standard commercial blue cheese dip. Oh, we also ate some wings.

It was a long wait for the wings (we were told there was only one cook on duty) but when they came, we tore into them pretty good. Well I did anyway.

The wings at Let's Wing It! come in orders of 10 - with each wing costing $1. Not too cheap. The wings are pre-breaded, frozen, then deep fried on site.

The size of the wings weren't that big, about a medium in length. Almost small, but they were super meaty. Plus the breading added to the girth of the wing. The wings weren't very crispy - the breading becomes a textured wrapping that doesn't do well with the freezing.

When you have a ton of sauces, you want to go sampling, but wing joints like this don't make it easy to switch up sauces. So Julianna went with one flavour, I went with two separate orders and a side of sauce to see what they had to offer.

#61 Medium & Maple

This was Julianna's selection. She was a bit worried that the medium was too spicy for her, and it was. But I didn't notice the heat. This was a medium sauce with a hint of maple.

 It was sweet and hot. An interesting taste, but not something I would order on my own. But I think Julianna liked them. They certainly were saucy wings!

#4 Hot

The main flavour of any wing joint, this hot was like many, not. Most of the sauce had absorbed into the breading, so there wasn't any substantial flavour.

It was ok, but I didn't really taste much. The breading was stronger than the sauce, and that isn't a good thing.

#5 Kamikaze

This was the hottest sauce listed on the menu, but several dishes were rated the 5 for hottest. It was mostly an extract of heat put in with some hot sauce.

While it didn't really have a taste, it did have a good kick. Burning mouth, stinging tongue - it was one dimensional, but at least it hurt. I've certainly had hotter, but not in a long time.

#48 Smokey BBQ & Extra Hot

I was feeling like some BBQ sauced wings - and while they have regular BBQ, the Smokey BBQ sounded more alluring. Add in some extra sauce and you've got a tasty concept on your hands.

These wings came saucy. Even though they were supposed to be smokey, this was a pretty sweet BBQ sauce. There was a hint of the Extra Hot, but they were predominately sweet. Like a smokey ketchup.

After a while, I was not enjoying any of the flavours. So I mixed all the wings and sauces together. This made for a spciy but sweet mix of wings. But it wasn't the sauces I wasn't digging so much, but the breaded wings themselves.

THE SCORE: The wings started off well enough, but after a while the breading coating from the frozen wings made it so I just didn't want to eat more, even if I wanted more. The sauces were well enough. The deep fried pickles were the best part of the meal. No, hanging out with Julianna was the best part of the meal. 4.5/10 

Let's Wing It!
431 Yonge Street, Toronto ON


Chris said...

That beer is almost as tall as Julianna, it's huge!

Wow you two put away some wings, that is a lot of flavors to sample.

indianguy said...

Yes? Hi! We did the wings to at the Lets Wing It. We said we wanted the hottest and it was the Kamikaze like you made the saying. Afterthewards we did the finding out that the kamikaze sauce was the spontaneous combustion which is the good carrot habanero sauce with the extract and almost the 100,000 scovilles. It wasnt really the hottness at all so we added the own parmegedon sauce.

A Beer Drinker said...

Bud and Coors are American by branding and reputation but, I could be wrong, the Coors is probably made by Molson in Toronto, while the Bud is probably made by Labbatt in London Ontario, while Keiths, if their marketing is to be believed is made in Halifax (which is owned by Labbatt too)thus not quite Domestic...