Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Chestnut Wing Night with the Grads

Another wing night in the caf. I'm spoiled I tell you. This night I was sitting with some of my staff and some of the Grad students living in the building. We had to fight a little to get a full plate of wings, but that didn't stop us from enjoying some crispy chicken.

Chris is a machine when it comes to food. The chickens did not know what was coming when he walked into the caf. I won't comment on his choice of honey garlic though.

 Simon had a very healthy balance of chicken and veggies. 

Like Chris, P (name withheld) also championed plate after plate. How can you not love high quality wings at a buffet? How can you not love P's make-shift bib?

Jemy was fearless in her attack on her wings. She was equally fearless with her BBQ mix with suicide sauce. 

Nathan demonstrates his eating technique of destroying chicken, sans sauce. 

Megna went all out with her wings - mixing all the sauces together for her wing creation.

The wings were a bit inconsistent this evening. Overall they were lightly dusted, but some wings came out with a bit of sauce on them . . .

While others were breaded, sauceless and very crispy. No matter what way you went though, we were all winners.

I went with my technique of putting dry wings in a bowl, applying sauce (suicide of course) and then tossing with a bowl on top. The chicken looks and tastes great before the sauce, but the finished product was also so good too.

The guys went back for plate after plate (me too). And Simon is just crazy. I love it.

Chris ended the meal with creative heaven. He heated two chocolate chip cookies and filled  it with chocolate ice cream to make a post-wing decadent desert. Brilliant.

I'm stuffed just writing and looking at these pictures. Mmmmm, so good.  Thanks to all my photo subjects for posing while I snap their meals - study hard and enjoy the fuel.


Chris said...

Fark, I'm jealous of your lunch options. Mine is not bad since it is leftovers from home but dang it would be nice to have this as an option.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - This isn't lunch, this was supper. That's how awesome it is here. But then again, I can't even grill anymore, let alone have access to year round BGE like you do!