Monday, 27 September 2010

THE BIG SLICE (The Return . . . Again) ~ Toronto ON


At the beginning of the new Millennium I had an idea for a website. I would review the various restaurants and pubs that I went to and rate their wings. This way I could keep track of where I went and also inform the public what was good and what wasn't.  But my HTML skills were extremely limited, and scanning photos was a pain, and it just didn't go anywhere. Flash forward five years, and blogs were becoming all the rage. As was digital photography. Finally I was able to realize my dream of posting what I eat to the world.

It was a bumpy start. The technology was not proving as user friendly as I expected and it took a while to get the first post up. That post was a photo-less dual review. Half of the review was about frozen wings, and the other was my first restaurant: The Big Slice. Then one year later I had things more figured out, and I did a better review of The Big Slice . . . Again. Well, I decided to come back in 2010 and see what had changed.

It was late at night when I walked in, and the only thing physically that changed about the place were the prices. The crowd was people coming from or to the bars, students, and those interesting folks that only seem to come out at night. It was before midnight, but the staff were still pumping out giant pizzas for slice sales.

So how big are the slices at The Big Slice? While I did have a tasty giant pepperoni slice while I waited for wings, I didn't have my camera with me. So I 'borrowed' the above photo from which is not
Photoshopped. They really are humongous slices. The largest pizza they sell is 21" but the slices come from a dinosauric sized 25"!   I love their pizza because the crust is thin and chewy, the sauce light and the cheese cheesy. My fave, just the way I remember it.

The big question is, would the wings be different?

Testing out a new SCORE formating/image. I don't know that I like it . . . at least in this format. What do you think?

The wings still come in the circular foil pans, floating in sauce. One big difference though is that the wings are breaded now before deep frying.

The chicken is really large and meaty. I'm not going so far as to say jumbo, but this is a big wing. Yes there is breading, but it was a lot of chicken meat that was nice and tender. The downside to the wing is the breading in the take-out role, as they had almost no crispiness left in them by the time I got home.

The sauce was the same as I remember, which is Frank's Red Hot I'm pretty sure. After deep frying I watched the pizza guy pour generous amounts of sauce on and then toss and toss. It's vinegary/tangy goodness with just a bit of heat. Yes I would like more heat, but this is a simple, tasty wing.

FINAL SCORE:  Not a lot has changed at The Big Slice since I left - but the wings sure have. Bigger and breaded, I think I like these more than the old ones. Same sauce, but more flavour with the breading, they still do a good wing and a great pizza slice. But it's best to eat the wings in store when the chicken breading is still crispy, not the more mushy product they eventually become.  6.5/9

The Big Slice
385 Yonge Street


Chris said...

I like the image concept, the fonts just a little hard to read at that size. Can you make the overall image bigger maybe? Oh and know what would look cool, maybe a hot sauce smudge on a blank spot of the napkin.

Anyway, I think it looks good.

indianguy said...

Yes? Hi! Maybe you have the amnesia or the pepperoni stuck in the brain because the pizza was better the many years ago. We had the big (bad) slice after some of the coors light and dancing with the ladies.

Teena in Toronto said...

It's been a couple years since I've been to The Big Slice.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - Thank you for the constructive criticism; I totally agree with what your saying.

@indianguy - lol oh indianguy, maybe I do have pepperoni stuck in the brain, but it was really good the night I had it. PS - where is the New India Pub????

@Teena - Me too!