Friday, 16 April 2010

I'm sorry!

Dear Readers and members of the Wing Nation,

I apologize for the severe lack of communication on my part. No posts, updates or comments. No twittering. Nothing. And for that I'm sorry.

But recently and with little fanfare did we realize that a new cap on Internet usage just started and BAM! we were well over our limit and looking at fines. So the Internet is self disconnected and I'm actually at the public library trying to post this before my time runs out. Damn you Internet!

I have been busy with wings, sauces, non-wing items etc etc. and I'm trying to get much posted right now, but it has not been easy. Please bear with us, and hopefully soon we can have our personal Internet up and running and chicken wing stuff galore.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Wing King
Lord of the Wings


Teena in Toronto said...

That sucks, Dude!

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - problem fixed . . . for now. But it totally sucked, big time!