Tuesday, 27 April 2010

BOJANGLES Sports Bar & Grill, Cornwall ON

What a beautiful day in Cornwall Ontario. I spent the morning walking around the waterfront, taking in the waterway and the wildlife. That included a display case filled with dead spiders eating dead ladybugs, seagulls, Canada geese, and a garter snake that was sneaking up on me while I was sitting in the grass.

All this nature on a bright, sunny but not hot day got me hungry. So I thought I would check out a relatively new pub and eatery in the town, BoJangles.

Cornwall had a BoJangles before, 20 years ago. In the same building. And that building has been around since 1907! The old BoJangles apparently had a Mardi Gras theme. But this bar and grill is definitely sports bar themed. While the outside was quite understated (just a few small hanging signs - one big banner on the side of the building) the inside was another story.

Inside was a cornucopia of sports stuff. Pennants, jerseys, signed pictures etc etc etc. Oh and lots of flat screens with 'the game' on. What game? I have no idea. I don't even remember the sport. What I liked about the place was the character of the classic building. The metal molded ceilings, the old wooden floors. The inside is very spacious, with lots of seating.

I sat in the front window near the bar. Everyone else that came into eat sat on the other half of the eatery. Actually I was one of, if not the first patrons of the day. My waiter Jaime was over quick taking my drink order and answering my wing questions.

In no time I had a big plate of wings in front of me. And check out the fancy black napkins and big ceramic bone bowl.

The wings come in an order of 12 with a good mix of wingette's and drummette's. The wings are dusted in flour then deep fried. They also came with a single stick of celery, a single stick of carrot, and no dip; a little strange or a very minimalist garnish.

Their wing night is uniquely priced on Thursdays at $0.40 a wing if you order 99 or less, or $0.35 if you order 100 or more. That's $35 for 100 wings. But these are not badly sized wings.

The wings were large. You could see beyond the light dusting that these were big, meaty wings. I have to say that some, not all, but some of the wing meat was tough. The first one I bit into was tough (and I thought these were not going to be good) but most turned out just right thankfully.

The skin was nice and crispy and there was a nice level of sauce on the wings. Some wings were nice and wet while others just had a drizzle of sauce, but fortunately there was a healthy reserve of sauce at the bottom. I ordered my wings hot, but got a side of 'Buffy Sauce' to try out.


This was a good, traditional Buffalo sauce. Nothing fancy. There's a possibility it was a bottled sauce, but it tasted like an authentic cayenne pepper sauce with vinegar and butter.

My only complaint with this was there was no real kick. It was pretty mild in my books. Yummy, but no bite.


I saw this on the menu and had to know what it was. The first flavour that popped into my head was some sort of ranchy/Caesary sauce. Or maybe a hot/honey garlic combo. Jaimie had a hard time explaining it, saying it was 'like a spicy BBQ, but not really spicy.'

Well a spicy BBQ sounded good, but this wasn't a BBQ sauce at all. It was just the hot sauce with fresh chopped garlic. I liked it, very garlicky, but no BBQ.

FINAL SCORE: I was quite happy with my wings. As I said, big, crispy, saucy. We were just missing the heat. BoJangles seems to take some pride in their wings and I for one appreciate it. Good work at just doing a well done wing. 7.5/10

BoJangles Sports Bar & Grill
58 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON


Chris said...

We have Bojangles here too but not the same place. It's a fast food fried chicken joint like KFC or Popeyes. Certainly they don't have the atmosphere that yours has, lol.

Teena in Toronto said...

They look delish! If I'm in Cornwall, I'll check 'em out.

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - I've heard of that chain but never had it. Is it tasty chain chicken or passable?

Teena - I was impressed.