Thursday, 5 March 2009

PC Hot Buffalo Wings ~ Frozen Wing Review

What's the best thing to have for lunch on a cold winter day?

Well wings of course. And found at the back of the freezer were some wings I had bought on sale a few weeks back.

President's Choice. No I am not a spokesman for them, its just that the Super Store is the closest grocery store, and well, they have a lot of PC products and they are on sale pretty frequently.

I keep getting these wings mixed up with No Name wings. I bought these thinking they were a new flavour but in fact, it was an entirely different brand. I just assumed as well that the packaging just got jazzed up. Proof you should really pay attention when shopping.

I am a staunch believer in fresh over frozen. A frozen wing, sauced or not, is never going to be as good as a wing straight out of the deep fryer. But I drained and cleaned the deep fryer and put it away after Buffalo Tofu, so fresh wasn't going to happen any time soon. I turned to the freezer to solve my wing craving.

I was happy with the overall size of these frozen wings - often they are just pigeon wings, but PC does a decent job of keeping them plump enough.

They say to bake for 20 minutes, turning once. Well, I baked, and at 10 minutes the wings didn't look ready yet - actually they looked pretty slimey from the freezer burn and the 'generous' hot sauce they have on it. 10 minutes later, they still weren't crispy, so under the broiler they went, and bam, they were at the bare minimum of crispness.

I won't lie, that exposed bone looks like an infection, a mighty gross infection.
I still ate it though.

The final product looked good to me. Well, frozen wing good,
not restaurant quality good.

The size of the wings varied. Some were a small/medium, others were a large.
Both were very meaty, with little grissel.

The box claims:
"Authentic Buffalo-style wings made with a generous amount of hot sauce for a fiery kick"

Bollux. The sauce was not Buffalo. And these aren't deep fried so I cannot let them be called "Buffalo Wings". They are a hot wing. PC rates them as 4 Chili's, but that's also bollux. A salty medium heat at most.

My personal thoughts is that instead of 'marinating' the wings in sauce then frozen, they should have a sauce packet on the side. To be closer to an 'authentic Buffalo-style', at least let the wings bake until crispy, then sauce. Or not, whatever, do what you like PC. You may be the president, but I have the crown.

FINAL SCORE: Ok they were decent size and actually had a little zing in heat. And they are sauce and meaty. BUT, they were nothing special. Would I buy them again? Mmmmm, probably not. There are other flavour and brands to try. 7/12

PC Hot Buffalo Wings

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Teena in Toronto said...

I've bought them a couple times.

I'd rather buy real wings and deep fry them, then put the PC bottled sauce on them.

Mind Grinder said...

I actually found these to be one of worst tasting of the PC wing bunch. Tandoori being the worst and I won't even get into their no name brand wings - yech.

You are totally spot on about the cooking times. It took forever until I threw em under the broiler.

I really do enjoy the Louisiana wings. They have a good base that you can alter with your own sauce. I also like their bread wings a lot as well. Make sure to give those ones a go.

Chris said...

I was wondering what the heck "PC Hot Wings" were going to be...I was thinking "politically correct" and then I was thinking about Pamela Anderson protesting KFC a few years back. Then I thought, "OH NO! He's lost his mind and is making TOFU wings!"

Thank god they were something else, I'd hate to have to delete the link to your blog, ha ha ha, just kidding.

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - I agree, fresh is always better

MindGrinder - thanks for the heads up on Tandoori, I've been curious about them. As for the breaded, I have tried them and reviewed them back in December

Chris - I actually did make Tofu wings . . . don't delete me! I wanted my vegetarian friends to join in the fun . . . if they like tofu wings, maybe they will convert to the meat side!

MindGrinder said...

Just read the review! Actually I read both. You are bang on for both of them. Another reason why LotW is the only stop for wing info!

Anonymous said...


can you tell me the best frozen wings? Just leave it as a comment on here.



Lord of the Wings said...

Hey Leigh,

There's still a lot of frozen wings I haven't had out there yet (Jane's, Costco etc) but the best I've had in my opinion is the PC Hot Southern Crunchy wings - they are not hot, so you have to toss them in your own sauce, but big and crunchy.

DO NOT get equality or equity brand, they are terrible. Hope this helps!

MindGrinder said...

The Pinty's from Costco were passable for frozen if I remember correctly (been a long time). I still think the PC Hot Southern Extra Crunchy are one of the best. They came in medium and extra hot (but like LofW said - you want to slather some good sauce on there - like Defcon 1.

And ya - stay away from Equity or Equality crap that Metro(ex Dominion) and those other stores sell. Just Yech!

Lord of the Wings said...

Thanks again MindGrinder ~
I really have got to try some of that Defcon sauce!

MindGrinder said...

LotW - once you try Defcon sauce on your wings - it will be your nirvana. A transendental journey on that first bite that you will never forget.

Travel well.......

Elsie Hui said...

Ah, good to know, I've tried a few brands and was about to try the PC Frozen Wings too. So far, I like Pinty Wings...

Lord of the Wings said...

@Elsie Hui - I see you like wings too (from your blog)! I'm still on the look out for really good frozen wings though.