Tuesday, 10 March 2009

WOODY`S PUB ~ Ottawa

Wow - what a day of weather! It was beautiful looking outside - blue skies, not a cloud to be seen. But holy-geeze-by-golly the wind was crazy! Blowin' signs and people everywhere in Ottawa.

It was past lunch when I found myself stumblin down Elgin street, tired, cold, and hungry. I saw a pub (I saw a lot of pubs actually) but this one appealed to me. Mainly because there were big windows and seating up front for me to sit at.

Inside it was empty, aside from a small group. Later I commented to my waitress (and possible manager?) Julie if it was the time of day or just a slow day, to which she replied "Thursdays are always quiet." I found a seat near the window and took in the environment.

Inside was pretty much your classic pub/sports bar in appearance. What made it extra nice were two fireplaces (with fires a going, keeping the place warm) and several couches for sitting and relaxing (by a fireplace). I can't tell what kind of crowd usually frequented the place, because as I already mentioned, it was empty.

Julie was friendly and was perfectly attentive for my needs. Friendly, chatting, but not so much I was interrupted. She brought me my Coke, and I was ready for wings. It seemed like no time, and a basket of jumbo wings were in front of me.

I ordered a pound of wings, with a side of chipotle sauce (hoping for a spicy suicide sauce). I was tempted for tandoori or the Cajun dusted, but decided to stick to my traditionals.

About 8 wings came in the pound (but they were big wings). They were very lightly dusted in flour. There were no sides like celery or carrots. I was a little sad about that. Would have lost marks on the old SCORE system.

I was impressed with the size of the wings (I really need something for a size comparison for photos, my fingers just aren't doing the trick. But a tape measure is just to conspicuous). They were big. Jumbo. Kong wings. And they tasted like Kong - monkey bad. The meat was just really tough and rubbery, which can happen with some of these jumbo wings. Probably from frozen stock too. The skin was crispy at least, but I really had to fight with the drummy's and flats to get the meat off the bone.

I ordered the wings with Hot sauce on them. They were just a bit wet with the sauce, which was a pretty generic Buffalo hot sauce. Not hot at all, barely a medium. It was ok, but I would have preferred the wings to have been swimming a bit more to do some mopping.

And I ordered on the side the Chipotle sauce, as I usually do. And I usually do that not because I'm afraid of any heat, but in case 'suicide' sauce sucks, because a lot of places do.

Woody's chipotle sauce is a good reason for me to do this. The chipotle sauce is exactly what they claim it is - its chipotle. It tastes just like chipotle out of a can with adobo sauce. I'll be honest, I don't mind adobo sauce as a back ground flavour, but as the ONLY flavour, it just wasn't right.

Just like my failed suicide sauce, the smokiness just wasn't appealing - but I blamed the tomato flavour, but not I realize that the chipotle/adobo was also a factor. It just wasn't a good wing sauce. And the fact that it was cold also ruined this sauce.

FINAL SCORE: Well, I liked the pub itself. And my waitress was nice and helpful. My Coke was good too. But the chicken, the chicken, was not so good. Yes they were jumbo and yes they were crisp, but the meat was just too rubbery. I can't get behind these wings. And I didn't sample anything else, so, go for the drinks at least. Or the fireplace. 5/10

Woody's (British)* Pub
330 Elgin Street, Ottawa

* I don't know what made it a British pub, especially for all the Irish decorations for upcoming St Patty's Day.

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Chris said...

Maybe beer would have made them less rubbery? ha ha