Friday, 7 November 2008

WK Fake Philly Cheesesteak ~ R-NW

Can you believe that when I was on a high school trip to Philadelphia that I didn't have a Philly cheesesteak? I did run up the art gallery stairs ala Rocky, but no cheesesteak.

One day, I got right into making it. I did research on the internet, first for recipes and to watch them being made. Then I got caught up in all the youtube videos about one of the greatest rivalries in modern culinary history: Pat's vs Geno's. The first video shows the food being made better but try to ignore the guy in the black jacket.

or there's these guys that also interviewed the two owners. I love Rhett & Link:

So I was all jazzed to make my own. Granted, it wasn't going to be completely traditional, but it would be close.
  • thin sliced deli roast beef (should be rib eye thin sliced steak but I'm cheap)
  • onion (diced)
  • peppers (sliced) (green is traditional, I had red)
  • cheese (provolone, cheeze whiz)
  • hoagie loaf (toasted optional)
  • oil
  • S&P


  1. Add onion and pepper to a hot skillet or frying pan with oil and cook until pepper is still crisp, and onion slightly golden
  2. Cut up roast beef strips into smaller pieces, then add to frying pan. Season with S&P.
  3. When roast beef is heated, add provolone (if using this cheese. If not, add cheese whiz to hoagie at this point)
  4. When cheese is melted, scoop mixture into hoagie
  5. Enjoy!

Peppers, onion and roast beef cooking. I have two fry pans going because I'm cooking for 2.

Provolone melting for one sandwich.

Doesn't that look all melty and soo good?

This one has Cheeze Whiz - I wanted to cover my bases.

WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY?: Well, it was a little blah for my liking. I ended up adding hot sauce to jazz it up. I liked the two cheeses equally so I would keep that. Green pepper might have given it a bit more bite than the sweet red. The bun was good. The biggest change I would make would be using actual thin sliced rib eye steak instead of roast beef. That's what really makes a cheesesteak - steak.

That's why I have to call this a Fake cheesesteak.


Teena in Toronto said...

Cheez Whiz?! Ewww!

Lord of the Wing said...

Cheez Whiz is the traditional cheese - suprising eh?