Friday, 7 November 2008

KFC Wicked Duo

I'm a sucker for chicken wings. I find it VERY hard to resist their temptation. And for some reason KFC keeps sucking me in. I mean, I've never been a huge fan, and I've gone for them twice this past year (Wicked Crunch Combo and just wings - if you could call them that). Well, on a recent road trip, with KFC one of the only stops, I was lured by another Wicked campaign. This time, it was the Wicked Duo: half wings, half spicy popcorn chicken.

I was first alerted to this by Julianna - mentioning the commercial that goes with it. I have searched the internet and I cannot find the add for the life of me. Basically, it starts as a close up shot of a woman who appears to be in labour and is doing lamaze. As the camera pulls out, you see her and her male friend are actually just eating KFC chicken wings and its two hot for them.

I liked that they called them a two-alarm blaze. They certainly are not a traditional 5 alarm, although I realize that they are refering to the two items, not the heat levels.

What a container!? I'll be honest, I liked it.

And look at the dividing wall, keeping the chicken morsels seperated.

I was surprised at how big the wings were. They weren't hot at all, but this trip
to the Colonel provided jumbo juicy and crunchy wings.

And the pop corn chicken was nothing to sneeze at either. And, they were actually a little spicy.

The bucket is $8.99 for about 7 wings and a ton of popcorn chicken. Biggest complaints included the less than spicy wings, and I think some sort of dipping sauce (hot, bbq etc). The highlight was the jumbo wings and the popcorn chicken.
If someone ever uploads the commercial to youtube, I'll post it if I can.


Teena in Toronto said...

I've seen the commercial.

I'm not a fan of popcorn chicken. I tried their wings a couple years ago and thought they were so-so.

My fav wings are from Saint Louis!

Lord of the Wing said...

St Louis! oh no - I'm in the anti-St Louis camp, but I wont hold it against you. Although, they are way better than KFC wings.

Devyn said...

I just found your blog, and I am floored. There was a time when I wanted to do virtually the very same thing, with many of the same ideas you share, but now that I've seen your work (and fun), I will simply drop and kowtow before you now.

On Facebook, you'll find a group called the Noble Order of the Burning Chicken. It's been a little quiet there for a while (new Facebook blows), but the people involved are cool. I started it.

If you ever get to New Brunswick, New Jersey, do yourself a favor and go to "Cluck U." and try their 'thermonuclear death' wings. They're unlike any other wing I've had anywhere, and it's because they use a butter-based sauce that fuses the hot with a silky smooth feel. I like to think of theirs as the single-malt scotch of suicide wings.

Great work. I'll be back often, I'm sure.

Lord of the Wing said...

Hey Devyn, thanks for checking out the blog!!!

Just joined NOOTBC - looks good!

And as for Cluck U, I've heard of it in my internet wing research and would love to go. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

The best wings in the country are at the Copperhead Grille in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

You literally cannot find anything to complain about regarding them. They're christlike.

Lord of the Wing said...

Hey anonymous,

I checked out the Copperhead's website and they have some interesting sauces - If I ever get down to the US and then to Pennsylvania again, I'll check them out. What is your favourite sauce?