Thursday, 18 September 2008


Taco Bell. Oh Taco Bell. During the high school days, you were the most desired fast food (mainly because you didn't live in my hometown). You were cheap, filling, and we used to drink your hot sauce straight out of the packet. Wild! Then, we went our separate ways for many years.

Oh sure, we occasionally glanced at one another at the movie theatre, but it was never meant to be. But now, you've come back into my life and I don't know where this relationship is headed. You can be soooo bad, but oh soooooo good. Vile temptress, tonight you have stolen my hungry soul. This is my shady tale of tacos and me.

I wasn't even going to get anything really. Maybe just a spicy chicken burrito. But then, the advertising I had seen on tv came flooding back as I saw the ad in the drive thru lane -VOLCANO TACO. Then, tempted beyond my self control, there it was:

2 Volcano Tacos
1 Spicy Chicken Burrito
Nacho Chips
Cinnamon Twists
Volcano Sauce
Regular Soft Drink


I know so many taunt and make fun of you Taco Bell, but at that price . . . how could I say no?

And you actually came in a big box

Oh TB, you can be so funny. I see what you did here, you said 'objects are as large as they appear', but normally it is stated that 'objects are closer than they appear'. How drole.

And here, you have made your meal box look like a moving box with safety instructions. Oh you!

Here is all the food. Tacos, burritos, tortillas, twists, drink . . . wait, where is my Volcano dipping sauce? You held back on me? Why would you not give me my dipping sauce?!

But with that spicy chicken burrito with added 'fire' sauce, how could I stay mad? Sure you are cold already, but all is forgiven.

Cinnamon twists; light, airy, sweet, cinnamony. Good, but would have been way better with a cream cheese frosting dip.

Finally, the main event:

Volcano Taco conjures up images of hot, fiery passion. Would you truly be spicy?

My first thoughts - where's the beef? I see lots of lettuce, and lots of red shell taco. Are you teasing me? Playing games? Come out come out where ever you are?

So what makes a Volcano Taco?

  1. Red Hard Taco Shell: makes it look spicy and different. It's not. Just plain taco.
  2. Empty Space: lots of the taco not filled. Very empty taco.
  3. Lettuce: huge hunks and shredded lettuce too. You know, for health.
  4. Shredded Cheese: just like a regular taco. So far only the red shell is different
  5. Spiced Beef: again, same old taco
  6. Lava Sauce: FINALLY - a spicy nacho-cheese sauce.

    $1.29 sold on its own.

So basically we have a regular taco with a red shell and added cheese sauce. So all the Volcano Taco boils down to is the Volcano Sauce. Now, this is a good sauce. Its got a quick little kick, and mixes in nicely with the rest of the classic taco. This is what their taco should taste like all the time. If you (the audience) are someone who doesn't run for the boarder when you hear the bell, this won't impress you much. But if you do think outside the bun, than this is something worth checking out.

While it is not really spicy in the context of what is really spicy hot, it probably is the hottest thing you can get at Taco Bell. That's right TB, your not that hot after all. I know your Volcano alter ego won't be around forever, but it was glad meeting up for at least one more rendez-vous.

Taco Bell

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