Monday, 1 September 2008

Pizza Pizza wings if I have to . . .

What is a guy to do when he wants wings, is too far and too hot to go out for wings, the closest place that he could get wings is not answering 2 phone lines, and he has no cash but only debit? He orders from Pizza Pizza.

Ya, I wasn't excited about getting them, but what was I going to do? I know it was pretty pathetic. Not that Pizza Pizza has the worst wings, in fact they can be pretty good when done right. These wings were not.

I got zesty breaded wings with hot sauce mixed in. Pizza Pizza is pretty good about the customization of dishes: they could have been naked or breaded, sauce on the side or mixed in, and a variety of sauces on them.

When I opened the little box they came in, they looked good, lots of sauce etc. But Then I looked at the wings themselves; they were pretty overcooked. Not so much that I would call and complain, but enough that they were not very good. Too crispy and crunchy - deep fried too long. And for some reason, the hot sauce just didn't sit with me right.

So I was caught in my own wing hell - deep fried too long and soaked in sauce that wasn't that great. That was the price I paid.

Fortunately, I got a cheap pepperoni pizza on the side made up for it and ensured breakfast the next morning.

So the moral of the story: sometimes its not worth it to indulge in your wants, because you may not get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you get what you need. I guess. Oh, and always have cash on hand to get OTHER pizza delivery places to deliver.

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