Friday, 8 August 2008

RIBFEST 2008 ~ Day 2

Our second scouting mission day, exploring and experimenting for more rib places. It was a boys night out as Brad joined Ricky and I. We got our ribs and ate before the big storm hit, and it was good. The only problem, a much busier evening so table space was at a premium. We found ourselves sitting on the ground, but this is difficult for rib eating.

Rick's choice this day. Ribs Royale won last year's Judges Award and the line ups for this place were huge everyday. These were propane cooked rib.

RICK: "Full bodied, sweet"
BRAD: "Many layors, hands down the best of the 3 [one day 2]"
WK: "Very sweet - an interesting sauce"

Above you can see Rick pointing out his bbq beans that were good, but interestingly filled with red and green bell pepper chunks.

Brad's choice in ribs. He was hungry and went to one of the shortest lines at the ribfest. Would that be an indication of the ribs??? I don't remember these guys being here last year.

BRAD: "A lingering heat, spicy, but sweet/fruity, a hint of apple"
RICK: "Spicy sauce, tasty, but the meat is dry"
WK: "A dark flavour, hint of heat, but ribs were cooked too long"

My choice to experiment. Interesting name, smoked ribs, I thought it was a good try. Rick and I both agreed that the mascot needed BBQ sauce dripping from the mouth or on himself to look like he killed someone and was sprayed with bbq blood. You know, like Jack the Ripper.

WK: "Mild mild sauce. Just a plain bbq sauce. Meat is very tender"
BRAD: "Flavourful meat, sauce just doesn't stand out."
RICK: No comment

A good second day, but I think Ribs Royale was the winner amongst us this day.

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