Saturday, 10 May 2008

LOTW BBQ rubbed BBQ wings: the sequel

Back to the old BBQ for more BBQ Wings! This time I got un-cut wings from a butcher shop, Sasloves in Westboro, which seemed to be pretty popular. It was about $10 for over 30 wings, so that was pretty good deal in my opinion. They were whole wings, so I had to cut them up (I got lazy and left the tips on). The wings were pre-packaged, which disappointed me a bit. I have yet to find a grocery store or butcher/poultry shop in Ottawa that has them fresh and in bins behind glass. Oh well.

For seasoning, I went for the same BBQ spice rub as LAST TIME, but I did not rub about 1/3 of the wings. Instead, I marinated them in PC Buffalo Sauce, seen HERE before.

These wings were much larger than the standard grocery store pre-packaged wings.

Everyone walking past the patio on their way into the building commented "It smells good!" That's the smell of summer.

After a while, both sets of wings began to char and look pretty much the same. I love grilling.

To go as a side dish, I whipped up some plain twisted pizza bread sticks. They turned out ok, but they would be much better with cheese and pizza sauce.

The final product. I just dashed some Frank's Red Hot sauce on. I'll be honest, the second time around I found the spice rub too salty. Oh well, next time just means I'll have to try something different!

Click HERE for some more BBQ Wing porn.

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