Tuesday, 27 May 2008

CHIP REVIEW: PC Buffalo Wing & Blue Cheese Chips

I know I know, two chip reviews one right after another, but I couldn't resist. How can I say no to wings or wing like products.

The product in terms of the bag and chip quality are pretty much the same as the PC General Tao Chicken chips, but with a different taste.

"Crunchy rippled potato chips made with a medium-hot
wing sauce seasoning blend, enhanced by a hint of tangy blue cheese."

"Chicken wings in a hot & tangy Buffalo-style sauce, served with a side
of blue cheese dip. What more can a person want? We've managed to recreate
this classic pub-favourite combo as a flavour for these crunchy, rippled chips.
Dig in quickly . . . it'll soon be last call!"

I certainly applaud their efforts in that manifesto, but that's a pretty big statement to say
they 'managed to recreate' . . . I'll be the judge.

The icon says Medium, the description says Medium-Hot? Hot . . . I doubt it. Scratch that, I know its not.

2008 CHIP SCORE 1.0: PC Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese Chips


Ruffled chip


Currently retailing for $1.49


They list as 2 chili medium heat, I say mild mild mild!


235g bag - chips are all different sizes, mostly small to medium


Classic rippled crunch


Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese flavour – I can taste a little heat and a little creamy.


-tasty, and a nice try

-I wouldn’t say bold, but trying be daring.

-I wouldn’t mind getting it again

Lots of chips in the bag, and the darker red/orange colour let me know that I was going to be eating something hotter than the last reviewed chips. But how much hotter?

Meh. I've had BBQ chips with more bite. But don't get me wrong, there is flavour here. There is a hint of a Frank's style sauce almost, I think I can taste blue cheese, and I think I can actually taste chicken a little bit. But honestly, I think I sense those flavours because I know what they are supposed to be.

FINAL VERDICT: These were a good chip in general, and an ok wing chip. I don't really think Buffalo wings can be encaptencapsulated in a chip, but this was a good try. I know the chip industry is always trying to find the next best thing, but I'm happy with all dressed, dill, ketchup, and sour cream and onion. But thanks for trying.

PS: I know it looks like I'm eating 2 types of chips in one night - the last review, same seated location, same shirt - but it is about a week apart in actually consumption. My hair is spiked in this photo while the last review its not. See, proof!

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