Saturday, 10 May 2008

200th POST!!!!

The 200th Post!!

Wow, that's a lot of posts. And I want to thank my loyal readers, new comers and the whole Wing Nation for making LOTW blog a success. And don't worry, there's lots more to come, so many wings to try.

Sure it's not a blogaversary, but why not bring about a few new changes on this big occasion:

LOTW Photoalbum
-Originally created because the old blogger gave me endless trouble posting pictures and articles, it has now become a helpful supplement to LOTW blog.
-Now it has undergone a minor face lift. A new layout; gone with the blue, in with the black.
-I don't have access to photoshop right now to add a specific banner, but I will as soon as I do.

Wing Score
-THE definitive way of rating wings
-You can still see the history of The Score HERE.

Sauce Score
-We don't just review wings here, this is the new way to rate sauces!

Mini-Wing Reviews
-Easiest way to keep track of places to go
-From the main page, split now into smaller categories for easier viewing

Lord of the Wings blog is constantly changing, so keep checking for updates!!!

Remember: Lord of the Wings is THE Chicken Wing blog !!!

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dlb said...

congrats on your 200th post!!