Sunday, 17 February 2008

Domino's Pizza ~ London ON

After staying with Bramanda for a few days, AJ and I had a long discussion/debate about dinner. We were both open minded and picky at the same time, no one wanted to make a decision. But a decision had to be made. What does AJ like? Cheese pizza. What does Wing King like? Wings. Who has a flyer to a pizza place that also has wings? Domino's.

Yes we did "Avoid the Noid" (no not Starbuck) and went for Dominos. They may not offer their 30 mins or its free offer anymore, but that did not stop us from quoting the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, "Pizza dude's got 30 seconds".

The cheese was ooey gooey, with just the right amount of stringiness. Doesn't it look like a sea of cheesy delight. I find the pizza decent for a chain joint, although I don't think its my fav.

The bread sticks are pretty kick'n. Garlicky, soft - a great accompaniment to pizza any day.

But of course, my main course, and all mine, were the 'Buffalo' wings. Oh sure, I could have had the Buffalo Chicken Kickers, but the bone makes it baby.

2008 THE SCORE 3.0: Domino’s Pizza, London


breaded, baked


$6.99 for 10 wings

$12.99 for 20 wings


1 – bbq (but its really a hot flavour, not bbq)



a bit of a bite, I guess


medium to large – lots of meat but not big overall



dripping-drowning in sauce



not crispy especially due to sauce



generic hot flavour – not bad but nothing special



ranch dip






Wednesday: buy pizza at full price, get wings at ½ price



good garlic stix, they have Buffalo Chicken Kickers


decent pizza wings *adjusted for pizza place


The wings were wrapped in classy tin foil to keep them hot en route to the delivery location. They were moderately warm, so I guess it worked, I guess.

Dominos are liars too. But real wing lovers should be used to this. The box, the advertisement etc. describe them as Buffalo wings. AND they are not. Why? Lets go over this once again. For a chicken wing to be 'Buffalo' style, it must be non-breaded or dusted, deep fried, and then applied with a hot sauce/butter sauce. You can't call a thin crust pizza Chicago style, you can't call a tomato filled soup with clams New England Clam Chowder, and you cannot call a baked chicken wing Buffalo style.

That being said, these baked wings turned out not so bad. The 'burn' marks made for a nice roasted appearance, without any burnt flavour. The sauce was a regular hot sauce, nothing special. Along with being called "Buffalo Style", they also said the sauce was BBQ, when it is clearly hot.

The sauce was drenching the wings, which turned the wings more soggy than I would have preferred. Wrapped in tin foil, the sauce turned the wings to near mush.

FINAL SCORE: decent pizza, decent wings, great garlic stix - my time with AJ was much better. But I did finish all the wings with no problems. 7.5/17

1548 Dundas St W, London
(519) 453-6460

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Oh man, that looks so good, I'm so hungry right now. I'm going to 4 larges right now!

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