Monday, 4 February 2008

CA: Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch chips

Kudos to those marketing execs who decided to switch snack flavours towards that of the chicken wings. Kudos, kudos I say. While on my California Adventure, we picked up some snacks (see 2 blog entries ago). One snack itself was wing oriented, and that was Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch chips.

Good old Flying J provided these treats. I opened them up in the truck and I was quite surprised how many chips were actually inside. Unlike my past experience with chips, the opened bag revealed an almost full space of chips. The picture doesn't show how close to the opening they come.

I was a little dismayed the extensive ingredient list for these suckers. It goes on and on. And look at all the cheese ingredients in there!

2008 THE SCORE 3.0: Doritos Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch


Doritos/tortilla chip,


aprrox $3.99 US a bag


none at all


354 grams, medium sized bag


crispy – just right for a Doritos chip


Buffalo & Ranch flavour – but not really, no real hint of Buffalo at all, just slightly spiced ranch Doritios

Good size chip, big crunch, classic Doritos. What was really disappointing was the missing 'Blazin Buffalo' flavour. Nothing was blazin, and there was no Buffalo. 'Blazin' is not some word to be thrown around. It should not be a buzz word used simply to sell. Like the term 'bold', it should reflect the actual sensation one has when eating it. Doritos, for shame.

To drink it down I got a Cherry Coke. I've been very sad since about 2 years ago almost they discontinued Cherry Coke. Then they came out with Cherry Vanilla Coke (CVC), which was not really Cherry Coke at all. Then nothing since. I come down to America, and they have Coke, Cherry Coke, CVC and now, Cherry Coke Zero (CCZ). Just like Coke Zero (which they also have). Wonderful. And here is the kicker, CCZ tastes exactly like Cherry Coke. So good.

FINAL SCORE: Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch is notta hotta, but the Cherry Coke Zero is the hero.

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