Tuesday, 22 January 2008

RECIPE ~ Dude's China BrandyWings

Dude, a member of the Wing Nation, sent this review all the way from

Xi'an, China. Keep on winging it brother!


Upon my travels to Xi’an, I have had the loss of some internet access. No Blog access is allowed in this great Communist Country. Which of course means I am unable to keep posted on The Wing King’s blog. The government is right in banning blogs though, free thinking is for chumps….right.

SO I did the only thing I could think to do: I made my own chicken wing blog entry! But if I were going to do an International Blog Review, well, it would have to be unique! My first thought is I would make a Peanut Butter Chicken Wing. Mmmmmmmm how good this would taste. But no, it had to be BETTER! I would create a Chinese Brandy Chicken Wing – TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!!!! Or…maybe just dine in my living room instead. This is how the caper went down:

I had to buy the best chicken wings from the local Supermarket, Aijia. (which in Chinese means big family).

I needed to add some more flavour before adding the Brandy however. So I fried up some onion, green pepper, garlic, salt, pepper and butter with some delicious peanut oil. The Wing King would be proud of the effort I was putting forth.

I was cooking up a storm!

But after some cooking…I had an idea, or rather a decision. Do I add Peanut Butter? My original secret weapon. Oh, the sweet succulent peanut butter, how the Gods of Kobal looked down upon me with only pleasantries!

Ohhhh, the decision was a tough one! Would it ruin my beautiful creation? Perhaps, it would be the best damn wings ever! But as my wings cooked, time was not on my side! What was I to do???

The choice was one of great endurance! But then, I made the final choice. I could not let The Wing King down today – today I would not be the gambling man. Not today, not today.

I put that peanut butter back…with a little pat to say, next time. Ok, the time was near, I needed to get down to business. The smell of my wings was filling my kitchen of truly glorious visions! It was time, time for the Brandy. Would it work?

Oh, did it ever smell good!!!!!!!!! I was standing on the edge of my talons with much wing anticipation!

Oh yes, it was time to eat!

But not without a little DS9 action to keep me company on my feast.

Oh the taste! It was so juicy! So wonderful! I was in chicken wing heaven!

The Brandy was the perfect flavour! It did not take long at all for me to polish these little angels off.

In the end? I give them two giant wings up!

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