Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ruby's Cookhouse - Aylmer

Bramanda had to bring Starbuck in to get, well, neutered. The good news was that they were free for a day without worrying about getting back on time, not being able to leave the dog in the car etc. They picked me up after dropping him off, and eventually we made our way to Aylmer Ontario. We went to a few childhood stops Amanda used to make, but we made our way to a little eatery that isn't from her childhood, but they claimed, served up some good food - Ruby's Cookhouse.

Amanda went with one of her staples - grilled cheese. It looked thick with cheese and tasty, but as she mentioned how she wanted something small so she could enjoy one of the many homemade cakes - settling on a delish looking chocolate cheese cake.

Brad went with a diner classic: the clubhouse. Turkey, bacon and deliciousness on 3 slices of bread. "You just can't screw up a club sandwich," he said, pretty much ensuring a good meal.

While entering the establishment I was keen on something like a club sandwich, but I saw wings, and well, you know how it went.

The NEW Score

STYLE: breaded, then deep fried.
SAUCES: mild/medium/hot/honey garlic
SIZE: 1/2
HEAT: 4/10
PRICE: $7.99 for 1lb (approx. 8-9 wings), $14.99 for 2lb
SIDES: 0/7
OTHER/SPECIAL: porch sitting area, free refills on fountain pop
TOTAL: 19/35

Bramanda quickly asked - so how are they? To which I replied, interesting. These wings are breaded, and it felt like the sauce was baked into the chicken. The flavour of the wings were like some sort of bbq infused with heat of some sort, but it didn't really taste like BBQ. However, they weren't really hot either. The sauce was tasty - but it was the seasoning on the chicken that was less good.

They lied to begin with on their menu - describing the wings as jumbo - which they were not. They weren't small, but they certainly weren't jumbo. The mix of spices on the wing tasted almost burnt in some respects, but mainly gave just a strong flavour, that isn't necessarily good. Not bad, but not good either. This coating definitely made them crunchy, but not in a way I really liked.

FINAL SCORE: Ruby's has a friendly, country atmosphere. Their country style food is great. Their foray into the world of wings, is not, unfortunately. Their strange attempt at a unique wing just isn't worth recommending. And considering there were no sides, no heat and no jumbo, I just can't really recommend these wings. But it wasn't nearly as sad as poor Starbuck. 19/35

Ruby's Cookhouse
583 John Street North, Aylmer, Ontario

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