Friday, 27 April 2007


Thursday night, the Sens were playing the Devils, and Juliananana invited me to come with others to watch the game. Now, my understanding is that the Sens & Devil's are some sort of hockey team. More on that later. We ended up going to Pogue Mahone, an Irish pub at College Park that one of my former colleagues and friend Elizabeth works at.

There's a lot to chat about the evening, so lets get right to the wings.


STYLE: breaded, deep fried
SAUCES: mild/medium/hot/grand hot (suicide)/ honey garlic
SIZE: medium (some large) 1/2
HEAT: tongue tingle and a little bit of a runny nose 6/10
PRICE: 1 lb. (approx 10) for $9.99, 2 lb. for $16.99, 3 lbs. for $24.99
SIDES: veggies (celery w/blue cheese) 2 /7
WING NIGHT: Tuesday, $0.39 (with an order of a beverage, after 4 p.m., no take out)
OTHER: looks like a great patio outside
TOTAL: 24/35

I really enjoyed these wings. Pogue's lost points for smaller size, poor sides. Personal marks were lost for the high cost. That aside, they were a good wing. The breading made for an excellent crunch and texture to the skin. It was like there was a party in my mouth, and everyone was invited.

The suicide sauce had bite and a good chili flavour. The heat wasn't strong, but enough to give me the sniffles, but there was still lots of flavour. There was just the right amount of sauce and I was very disappointed when I got to my last wing. I would have ordered another round, but at $10, it was more than I was willing to pay.

Pooja flipped flopped from dessert to an order of nachos - and what an order! Piled with lots of cheese, toppings and I love places that have big tortilla bowls of sour cream and salsa (but where's the guac?). It was hard not to steal more of these (thankfully they were a giant order).

Now throughout the night, I wasn't the only one who got wings. Below you can see an order medium wings, which clearly had a different sauce than my 'Grand Hot'. They had a more peppery odour, but they looked so good with the sauce. This batch looked much bigger than my wings.

Look at the sauce just oozing over the side . . .

Above, you can see Karen testing out one of my 'Grand Hot' wings. Julianananana tried one and reacted immediately. Here, Karen is moments away from the heat kicking in and her downing some blue cheese dressing to put out the fire.

You might be able to tell from their sweaters or the smiles on their faces, but Juliannanana and her friend Chrissy are happy about Ottawa's victory. Did you know that these are only the playoffs for this division, and that there is STILL more months of hockey to come? Sheeesh!

Juliananana is seen eating a jumbo medium wing. What you cannot tell here is her intoxicated levels.

Here, James is trying a sneak attack on Karen's tasty wing. You can never be too carefull when wings are involved.

FINAL SCORE: Wings were excellent but the Pogue needs to do some upgrades. Evening final scores & other things I learned include-

  • 24/35
  • great wings, love the wood decorative theme, but drop the price
  • 5-3 victory for the Senators (take that Maple Leafs!)
  • I know more Sens fans that like wings than Leaf fans.
    Therefore Sens fans rock
  • Maple Leaf bartenders will not serve Sens fans
  • Cougars on their b-days are crazy - watch out
    for on the mouth kisses for EVERYONE
  • a gathering of 4 can quickly become 9
  • Elizabeth is a great waitress
  • people have actually seen my blog without me telling them about it

Pogue Mahone
777 Bay Street (College Park Mall)

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