Sunday, 4 June 2006


Having been very busy the past week filming, dishes had piled up, no grocery shopping done and to tired to do anything about either, I was in a bind for lunch. Lazy was the key word for the day, and thus I headed of to a normally nocturnal choice, Hong Shing.

Hong Shing is not my favourite Chinese restaurant in Toronto or even my area of Old Chinatown. Its not the cheapest, the food isn't amazing, the staff are rude, and yes, there have been 2 shootings in the past year. I was once mistaken for Silent Bob, and only a few months ago Kanye West was seen eating there. So why do I and others keep going back? Its open late, and laziness.

I ordered a General Tao Chicken (one of the better one's I've had, but scarily red) and an order of their spicy deep fried wings.


SIZE of WINGS: small to medium
HEAT: 4/10 (there was a bit of a zing)
WET NAP FACTOR: 1/5 (more oily than anything)
PRICE: $6.95 for 12 wings


SAUCE CHOICE: plain, spicy
SIDES: nothing
WETNAP: none
WING NIGHT: none (its Chinese take-out)
OTHER: none

There's not a whole lot to say about these wings. They were medium/small in size, they were just right in crispness (for the most part) and they quick. The 'sauce' was some chili-flakes and garlic, which had more of a zing than a kick. My hunger satisfied, my tastebuds doing a jig, these were decent Chinese style wings. Not the best on the block, but I wouldn't be opposed to getting them here again.

Hong Shing
195 Dundas St. West


jsunkistc said...

just FYI

in "hong shing"...
the 'hong' comes from the word meaning "healthy" and the word 'shing' comes the word meaning "city"...thus translating roughly to "health city"

Enjoy! guilt intended =D

jasper said...

Dude, Hong Shing...there's a place that was missing from the blog