Tuesday, 18 December 2018


In November I was back in Cornwall. It was a Tuesday and I had been researching Tuesday wing nights in Cornwall to grab some lunch. Now Cornwall's not that big, so I thought I knew all the places available. But a new place caught my eye; Seaway Roadhouse.

When I hear the term Roadhouse, I can't help but think of that Family Guy episode "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag" (S8e4):

I feel like round-housing my way around town! Anyways, this roadhouse is on the west part of town that seems to be a mix of industrial and residential area. The building has been around for a long time I'm sure, and I'm willing to bet it's been all sorts of businesses over the years. Seaway Roadhouse was just open this past summer, so they had only been open about 4 months.

Social media told me that Tuesday all day was wing 'night' and when I drove by and saw the big sign advertising it as so, I was pleased. I parked, but felt a little trepidation going in. When I think roadhouse, I think wood decor, a big bar, and dudes hanging out playing pool looking for trouble. I dine alone often and I'm cool with it, but a lot of people find it odd or couldn't do it themselves, so that puts me on edge sometimes.

As I walked around I wasn't sure if I had to go in the front door or the side door that leads into the covered porch. There were 3 guys smoking around the door. I felt weird to go in between them, but one guy opened the door and they all said hello to me. Ok, friendly place. Inside was exactly what I expected the roadhouse to look. Well I wasn't expecting all the x-mas decorations, but other than that it was. They were even playing country music.

The bar was packed in the middle of the afternoon; I seemingly was the only one not at the bar. I took a seat by the window and Brennah was my server, who was also the bartender, and after some research is the daughter of the owners of Seaway Roadhouse. She was very friendly, and clearly everyone at the bar knows her as I overheard some teasing and others joking with her. She brought me the menu, which is quite small (half is food and half is drink). My seat had a sign above saying $0.50 wings, so I told her I wanted the wings - I asked how that works and she said I could order as many as I wanted. So I ordered 10 hot. A few moments later she came back with a bone basket and napkins and wetnaps, but she had a question for me:

"Have you been here for wing night before?" I said no. "Ok well the supplier brought the wrong wings. They are really small. I'm really sorry, they are not our usual wings."  I really appreciated that. Clearly there was pride in the wings that they serve that they not only warned me even as a non-regular, but that they wanted my business again to apologize and have me back. A few minutes later, Brennah brought me the wings, apologized again because they were small, and then said that because they were so small they were only charging $0.30 a wing. SWEET DEAL. 10 wings with a drink came to $5. My drink by the way, was Diet Coke, but it didn't taste like a Coke or Pepsi product but more like a no-name brand soda. I drank it anyway but I probably should have said something.

It was really hard to evaluate these wings because these are not their normal chicken product. But I can describe what they did with what they have.

First off, I have no idea how many wings come in a normal order. I have no idea how big they are for sure. Until I go again, no idea. What did come with the wings were some really fresh celery and carrot sticks (nice), and the smallest little paper cup of ranch dressing I've ever seen.

Well Brennah was right, these wings were tiny. I mean these were some of the smallest wings I've ever been served (I have had smaller, but not by much). Sad for sure. The wings were deep fried and the skin was crispy. There was almost no meat on the bones though.

The wings were nice and saucy. The sauce was probably just Frank's or some other cayenne based hot sauce, maybe not, not too sure. 

I have to say, the wings were actually really good. Some people argue that smaller wings are tastier than large or jumbo wings, and on this occasion I'd be willing to agree. I really enjoyed these little suckers.


I can't officially score these wings, but what I can tell you is they got served with fresh veggies, were sauced well, fried well, and were tasty. I can only imagine that the Seaway Roadhouse does a good job on the normal thing. The service was friendly too. I will have to go back and re-sample when the wings are back to normal.


Seaway Roadhouse
830 Second Street West, Cornwall ON
Seaway Roadhouse FACEBOOK

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