Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wing Street Wings & Garlic Bread Pizza from PizzaHut

MAY 2013

Back from my conference, with no groceries, I decided to order food out. I had seen a flyer for Pizza Hut, and that's what I got. Some pizza, some wings - sounded good to me.

In the past couple of years I have not been stoked for Pizza Hut pizza. Everything just seemed to be getting cheaper in quality, but not in price. I also like garlic bread, but pizza, garlic bread and wings can get very pricey. So when I saw the add for Garlic Bread Pizza. I was like, that's what I want - pizza on a garlic bread slice with wings.

I opened the box and visually, this was exactly what I wanted. 12 pieces of garlic bread loaded with cheese and pepperoni. It looked greasy, the pepperoni looked crispy, and the cheese gooey.

And it was good as it looked. With one small drawback - the pizza sauce was too strong and I didn't like it. But everything else was awesome. Perfect garlic bread, great mozza cheese, tasty pepperoni. This was a great idea Pizza Hut.

What goes well with garlic bread pizza? Chicken wings of course.

I've reviewed Wing Street wings from Pizza Hut before, but I wanted to see if anything was different. Nope. The chicken was crispy, still tossed in a spicy/tasty but artificial sauce. The wings were meaty, crunchy, but not long.

Overall, a good (but very unbalanced meal). It was great that I could get 3 dishes in 2. Wings were good for takeout wings as usual. The garlic bread pizza was a great concept. I would get it without sauce, but cheese and pepperoni were just right.

Just saying.

PS: I think this promotion is gone from Pizza Hut. Too bad.

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