Sunday, 2 December 2012


JUNE 2012

My buddy Jason came down to visit me in the summer, and when we get together we often go on quite the adventures. On this occasion, we headed into the far East of Scarborough. I have spent little time in Scarborough, so we checked out The Bluffs, St Augustine Seminary, Pine Hills Cemetery, and the Guildwood Park. It was a good day, and then it was time for supper.

On the drive back, we stopped into the Beaches area and passed by a pub I had heard had good wings. I had even attempted to stop in once last summer, but it was crazy busy and I went elsewhere. Today, Jason and I went it.

The first thing that was overwhelmingly noticeable was the amount of families. It was all baby strollers and kids running around in the front section, the back section . . . I've never seen so many families in a pub before.

The actual decor of the pub was old British style pub. It was dark inside (I apologize for the photos - the darkness meant my camera worked as good as a cell phone camera). Our waitress was Jenn, who was friendly and helpful, but busy looking after the back of the pub.

We ordered, and soon had our meals. Above, Jason went with the Quesadilla, which was like a baked pie - full of cheese and chicken.

I went with the wings with a side of fries.

The Dragon Wings come in orders of 10 or 20. It comes with veggies and dip, and coleslaw.

I added a side of fries for $2.49. The fries were just like chip truck fries - crispy but soft inside.

The veggies (carrot sticks and celery) come with your choice of dip - ranch or blue cheese. I went with the blue cheese, which was standard creamy and chunky dip. There was also coleslaw (a surprise), which was vinegar based with cabbage and carrot, but I didn't really care for it, or eat it.

The wings are dusted, then deep fried. The size was medium (almost small) on both the length and width. They came out tossed in their sauce meaning they just right in wetness.


Hot was classic pub hot - not really hot, but a good hot wing sauce.


OK, suicide isn't one of the flavours on their menu - it either extra hot, inferno or dragon's breath. And I can't find my notes, so I don't remember which one I picked or what each tastes like. This is very unprofessional of me I know. What I do remember was that it had a good kick and a good flavour.

FINAL SCORE: These were good pub wings. Crispy, saucy. Not huge, and sad that there is no wing night. The food was good, but it was not the wing destination I had heard about. If I was in the area, sure I'd go back, but I wouldn't make a trip out of it. 5.5/10

The Green Dragon Pub
1032 Kingston Road, Toronto ON (although it doesn't have info on it)


Chris said...

They look a little weird, like they are partially breaded but not fully.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - I see what your saying about the breading.