Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Staff, My Dinning Hall, My Gratuitous Shots of Wings

Dinning in the caf a week or two ago with some of my staff.

My wings, naked. Dusted, but not yet sauced.

Adding my own stock pile of 3rd Degree sauce.

Nishant chowing down on his wings on the left, Vivian savouring her wings on the right.

Vivian went with a BBQ sauce slash honey garlic mix with curly fries. I'm trying not to hold the honey garlic against her.

Desiree sampling a donated wing from Vivian. Yes, that is meat on a bone.

More gratuitous shot of my wings. Round 2.

Nathan disecting his wings with a knife and fork. Dorothy puts her dinner on display. Nav is taking no prisoners with his wings.

Good wings. Great staff.


Chris said...

You and your luxurious cafeteria, I'm jealous.

Lord of the Wings said...

I just want to say goodbye to a friend on here - Nishant in the above photo passed away in December. I will miss our conversations on wings. Rest in Peace Nishant, you will be missed.