Monday, 9 April 2012

Terry Peters - Making All Meat Wings possible @ Boston Pizza

This is Terry Peters:

Who is Terry Peters?

He is a man who does the impossible. Think 1/3 Tony Stark, 1/3 Steve Jobs and 1/3 Richard Branson. He's out there doing it. He's changing things. He wears a suit.

 "Terry Terrance Peters, Esquire is a world-renowned food innovator, best known for creating over 400 new foods.
Peters was born in Hay River, Northwest Territories. As a baby, Terry was diagnosed with megapapillaetis, a one-of-a-kind condition that gives Terry over 900% more taste buds than any other human being on Earth.
After graduation, Terry started Terry Peters, Inc., and converted his parents’ garage into a food laboratory/culinary school without their knowledge. By 1986, working on a shoestring budget of $40, Terry made a breakthrough by bioengineering the seedless watermelon. Speculation over the seedless watermelon caused so much frenzy when Terry Peters Inc. launched its IPO that it made Peters a millionaire overnight.
Monetary success wouldn’t slow Peters down. His next innovation, “Piggies in a Blanket,” commissioned by the British High Council, would spark “TerryMania” across the UK in the summer of 1987. 
Peters would continue to innovate and elevate food, becoming the first person to wrap a scallop in bacon in 1990, and the first person to “mix greens” in 1993. He’s been credited with inventing beer-battered onion rings in 1995, adding the second deck to the double-decker sandwich in 1996, and popularizing skewered food from 1997–1998. 
In 1999, he helped NASA develop a new menu for the space program, creating full meals in pill format. 
In 2011, Boston Pizza, one of Canada’s largest casual dining chains, approached Peters about creating a new kind of chicken wing, one that would revolutionize watching hockey and drinking beer with buddies. The result was what many, including Terry, consider his crowning achievement: the world’s first all-meat wing. “Terry Peters took the bone out, and put more meat in. Genius. And, you’re welcome,” says Terry Peters.
Terry Peters is on tour promoting the new ALL MEAT WINGS to sold-out venues across the world. If you can’t see him live, you can try his latest innovation, ALL MEAT WINGS, at your local Boston Pizza. Find a location at"

 Here is a timeline of some of his accomplishments:

As of today, Boston Pizza is unveiling Terry's newest creation: ALL MEAT WINGS.

I was fortunate enough last week to get a sneak preview of this creation and commercial - and Terry wrote to me personally:

What does an ALL MEAT WING look like?

Like this.

And this.

And this.

And these.

You can talk to Terry Peters on Twitter.  You can follow him on Facebook. You can read my experience with All Meat Wings HERE

Thanks Terry Peters. Thanks.


Terry Peters said...

Terry Peters is glad you enjoyed his newest food innovation the ALL MEAT WING.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Terry Peters - so honoured you stopped by the blog! Terry Peters rocks.

Ricky Patel said...
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Anonymous said...

ALL MEAT WING?? LOL its just a chicken has been selling chicken mcnuggets since forever

Basically Boston Pizza has ripped off the chicken nugget and ripped of 'How I Met Your Mother''s Barney Stinson

What a joke....this blog sucks

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anonymous - Oh where do I begin.
1) Yes chicken breast. That's what it is.
2) You do understand this is advertising campaign is tongue and cheek right? That Terry Peters did not actually invent seedless watermelon, or the double decker sandwich, let alone boneless wings? Right? Its all a joke and its meant to be over the top so simple people get that it's a joke. You get that right? Cuz I don't think you do.

As for my blog being a joke ... well its about chicken wings. You need to take these things a lot less seriously.

PS: way to be brave and post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

so it's false advertising then..?

Dan said...

Anonymous' stupidity is absurdly hilarious :D

Anonymous said...

wait...i dont understand....all meat wing made of chicken breast??? so its not a chicken wing

WILL said...


sir_steveoh said...

you mean "Terry" renovated the Chicken McNugget which is exactly what these breast meat wings taste like. What a mockery of what good food is,

"Edmonton" Pizza you suck !

Lord of the Wings said...

@Dan - I had a good chuckle!

@Anonymous - no its not a chicken wing. When ever any restaraunt says All Meat Wings, or Boneless wings - they aren't wings. Is it inaccurate? Yes, unfortunately its the industry title. Same with Kobe burgers - if you are eating it in North America, it ain't kobe.

@Will - glad your having fun with Terry

@sir_steveoh - Actually, it tastes very different from a McNugget. Way more meat. Better sauce. Why is it "Edmonton" pizza?

Anonymous said...

terry peters is just the type of guy i think most people hate.he is a grandstander and those commercial smack at the con men that have ripped off so many people with their money making seminars

Jametaatic said...

Come on guys, this is funny and Terry Peters is my hero! Way to go Terry, can't wait for your next innovation......perhaps all pork ribs? Ha! Way to go Terry!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anonymous - I agree and disagree. A lot of people flock to over-confident, self indulgent characters (see above: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Tony Stark, Barny Stinson etc). But I do hear and see your point of view too.

@Jametaatic - that's the spirit!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a f***ing stupid campaign! Why must every company jump on this bandwagon!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Anonymous - which bandwagon are you speaking of exactly?