Wednesday, 13 July 2011

London International Food Festival 2011

Started in 2008, the London International Food Festival has grown bigger and bigger each year. This year the festival was testing out having a chicken wing competition and asked me to come to town. How could I resist?

Hosted in Victoria Park in London Ontario, this festival focuses on food from all over the world.  It's over now, but it did take place from June 24-26.

I explored the festival on the Sunday taking in all the people walking around. There were young and old, families and singles, teens and 30 somethings. Lots of people had food in their hands or trinkets from the non-food vendors.

There were several stages with different cultural performances and concerts to entertain people all over.

It was busy in the park, but not as crowded as it gets at Ribfest, which meant you had room to walk around.

There was a midway there too (mostly for kids). There were also activities like free mini putt or the "Walk on Water" which was a cool pool where you get into a bubble, get zipped in, and then roll around the pool like a hamster in a ball. I didn't try it, but I wish I had one. Oh I wish I had a pool too.

I was super impressed with the variety of food to try and related vendors. Lets take a look: Make your own beer, the Super Slicer, cookie desserts, mini-donuts, Cake by the Slice, Nachos and Corn Dogs, Fudge, Fresh cut fries. Ok so the first batch was a lot of carney food. Let's keep looking.

Vietnamese, fajitas, kettle corn, Greek, Chinese, waffles, more Vietnamese, hot sauces, sausages.

Slushies, churros, lemonade smoothies, popcorn chicken, more waffles, wood oven pizza, burgers, tacos . . .

Caribbean, Indian, Korean, ribs, Nicaraguan, crepes . . . and a lot more. I got tired of taking photos after a while!

As you walk along the park all you see is the above: ice cream, grilled corn, pulled pork on a plate, and people just eating in general. The smells fill the park and I think anyone can find something tasty to eat. Listening to people around me, the hardest part was choosing where to go. 

So next summer if you want to travel the world without having to get a plane ticket, drop into London next summer and dig in.

London International Food Festival
Victoria Park, London, Ontario.


Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome time!

Chris said...

Funny, I have never seen those bumper balls before and now I have seen them twice in 1 hour on two posts. Looks like a fun and great event. Glad you got to have fun.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - It was a good festival!

@Chris - I would love to try those balls sometime, er, that doesn't sound right . . .