Thursday, 26 May 2011



About two weeks ago now I was back in Ottawa having a bit of time off from work. I was up to spend some time with LJ, hoping to get some personal projects done, and to sample more Capital wings. I had a number of places I wanted to try, but time did not go the way I expected and most of what I wanted to get done for the whole week, did not happen (busy times, but it was good). 

Online I looked up a number of places I could go. The one place I did try was kind of by fluke. I was driving on Bank street after lunch time and there it was: a newish place with a relatively empty patio on a beautiful day, with one more thing that caught my eye:

1lb of wings for $5.50 - sounded good to me. But I was skeptical. The sports element of the MVP and the Lounge in the title conjured up images of tiny, crappy little wings. But I remember reading online some favourable reviews of their wings, and since it was right there, I stopped in.

There was a small group on the patio, but otherwise it was empty. I went inside just to let the staff know I was going to be on the patio. I didn't get a great look, but in the day it was dark and bar like. As I sat down I was served by Greg. At first he was very to the point, I think confused by my dining alone on a Wednesday afternoon, not drinking alcohol etc. But after a while he got a little more sociable.

 He was sitting with the group on the patio and I believe he might have been owner/manager because he was talking to them about instituting a new drink menu. Soon he was up and out with my jumbo plate with wings.

I ordered a pound of Hot, a pound of Cajun, with Suicide sauce on the side. Each pound didn't contain many wings (about 6-8) but they were large wings.

The order also came with some celery and carrots. No dip mind you - so what is the point? I ate them, but really there should have been some blue cheese or ranch.

The wings themselves were large. Yes, there was a generous dose of breading, but these were long, and meaty. The breading was very crispy and held up against the sauce it was tossed in. I asked Greg what the breading was. He said he had no idea, but asked the kitchen: just salt and pepper and flour. Not everyone likes breaded, but I'm down with it, and they did it well.


This was a pretty classic hot sauce - cayenne based. Probably Frank's.

Classic and tasty. There wasn't really any sauce on the plate as it had been absorbed into the wings, but it worked.


The Cajun Rub is a seasoning put on after the wings are cooked, not actually rubbed in. I won't lie, it was a little disappointing.

The main reason was that it was so faint in flavour, I could barely taste it. What I could taste was good, and the chicken flavour really came out. But I would like more 'Cajun' experience.


I got this on the side - just in case I didn't like it. But I didn't have to worry about that. It was good - very black peppery - and while it didn't burn my lips off, it certainly attacked with heart burn. I ended up pouring it on my Cajun wings, which made for a good combo.

FINAL SCORE:  I was expecting crappy little flappers and I got large breaded wings. The wings were not simply an after-thought on the menu. Good flavour, good crispiness, good patio. Well done MVP, well done. 8/10

MVP Lounge
683 Bank Street, Ottawa ON


Teena in Toronto said...

Good to know! I'm not a fan of breading but they look good.

Chris said...

I like the breading and I think this is the highest score I can remember you ever giving out. Sounds like the should change their name to MVW!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - I was thinking of you when they came out because the menu said nothing of breading and I know you do not care for it.

@Chris - It is a high score I have to admit. But they did good.