Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day!

You know . . .  MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU!

So no WWWWWW today, but I decided to do something for Star Wars day. And because there are no wings in Star Wars, but there are chickens in Robot Chicken, and there is also Star Wars in Robot Chicken, I thought I would combine the two and leave you with one of my favourite clips from the Robot Chicken Star Wars Special:

Darth Clucker: Luke, I am your chicken wing!  Ok maybe not.

Favourite Lines:

  • "Go for Papa Palpatine"
  • "What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?"
  • "oh, Cherry Coke:"  <--- I love Cherry Coke too.


Chris said...

Friggin' hilarious! "Ohhhh I thought a dark sith lord could protect a little 2 meter hole!"

Randy in China said...

hahahahaahha, this is great!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - I love Robot Chicken.

@Randy - isn't it?