Wednesday, 2 December 2009

WWWWWW #3 - Would I Buy It Again?

It's another exciting edition of:

Yes, World Wide Web Wacky Wing Wednesday. WWWWWW. This is where I will surf the Web, and find other people talking about chicken wings. The world is full of chicken wing stories, wacky and otherwise. Recipes, restaurant reviews, eating contests or whatever. Today's Blog relating to wings in some shape or form:

A blog devoted to reviewing food. As the anonymous author states: "I like to eat and I like to talk, that is where the blog comes in."

The above and below photos are from his review of Scotty Brewhouse's in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. They have All You Can Eat Wings.

What I like about his wing reviews is, well let me let you read:

"My wife ordered the Mo’fo’ hot wings. They were good, but when you order the hottest wings on the menu, I pretty much want to see tears!"

"For round 2, I tried the Spicy BBQ. Again, not tear yo’ face off hot, but they had a nice bite to them. Crank up the heat Scotty!"
That's right, crank it up! Lets see tears!

He also has a review of Hooters, who has some new wing flavours. Check it out. Also and AYCE night.

Keep up the good workd WIBIA!


Chris said...

I was completely craving wings tonight and thought I had 18 whole wings in the fridge. Talk about disappointment when you realize that you ate your last batch last week:(

I find this series entertaining because you are getting to live vicariously or "wing vicariously" all over the world this way:)

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - I feel your pain - that totally sucks. As for the 'wing vicariously', I'm just sad, sick individual. I'm happy and jealous at others wing experiences!