Friday, 4 July 2008

Summer Updates at the Blog!

There's been a lot going on lately keeping me busy, away from the blog (again) and complications. BUT I have been working to upgrading the blog too!

  • I have my USB key again!!! It was not lost on a bus (as I had feared) but hidden behind a table leg against a wall. Wheeewww! This means some reviews that should have happened about 2-3-4 weeks ago can now get done!!!!


  • The sister site that used to be LOTW PHOTOALBUM is now called THE WING BUCKET: The Leftovers from When I rebooted the blog 2 years ago, blogger was not uploading my photos into the reviews, so I started a new blog to just have photos. But then I started adding menu's there, and other misc info. It really became a support blog and so I decided it needed a little face lift and some respect for itself. So gone is the photoalbum moniker, and in with the Wing Bucket.


  • Sure, we have always 'reviewed' hot sauces here on the blog - but in a much less scientific method than the wing reviews. So now, we've looked at a new system in reviewing. It too will probably go through various changes, but now you can get a much better idea of what the sauces are like.

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