Monday, 7 July 2008

Return to WILD WINGS (Ottawa South)

Well, after only trying 3 sauces when I was at Wild Wings the last time, I had to come back to try more flavours and take advantage of their lunch special. It was a beautiful day, so I took advantage of the patio that was surprisingly deserted.

Ok, not completely deserted; I had my lone seagull companion who watched with bated breath for me to offer a morsel. But I didn't. I was happy to have the patio to myself, but the inside was also empty save for a customer here and there. My waitress, Megan, who was excellent, explained that some lunches were packed, and other days deserted like this. When government pay day comes up, packed. Today, empty.

So 101 sauces to choose from, what was I going to have? I felt the need to pick something safe and something adventurous at least. So I ordered one lunch meal (5 wings) of Dill Pickle and 5 of Sweating Bullets.

DILL PICKLE: The last time I tried the potato chip flavour, it was Ketchup, one of my favourite crisps. This time, it was Dill Pickle, which is another obsession of mine. I love dill pickles them selves (try it on a peanut butter sandwich, no really - heaven), dill chips, and especially dill popcorn seasoning. So why not on a wing?

Tangy, flavourful - in essence, dill-liscious! It was much stronger in taste than the ketchup chip wings, but I could have had them a lot stronger. The heat of the freshly deep fried wing helps the powder stick and the flavour to kick in.

I also love that it looks like snow on the wings. So they are a Ye if I was going to order again.
SWEATING BULLETS: This sauce is a mix of Mesquite (brand name: Cattleman's Bold) and Wild (their hottest flavour) making this the hottest mesquite bbq sauce on their menu. But if you recall the last time I had Wild, it wasn't that hot. And neither was Sweating Bullets.

Don't get me wrong, this was a good sauce - I really enjoyed it. Smokey flavour, with some kick. Not a lot of kick, but you could feel it in there.

The wings came really saucy as well. The texture was nice and thick, which meant it clung to the fried chicken well. I definitely would get this one again.

I was still hungry, still adventurous and wanting to explore more wings. Megan was very friendly and accommodating with my questions and requests. She helped me out with my last order of wings, suggesting I get a regular order and splitting the two flavour (cheaper than two lunch orders, plus I didn't need any more fries). She explained that this was NOT the usual case, but since I was the only customer, she could have the chef break the rules. Awesome. Slow clap for sure for Megan.

But I do want to comment on Wild Wing's policy on sauces. They have 101 flavour/combo's to choose from. However, you can only have 1 sauce for 10 wings. You can only have 1 sauce for 20 wings. You can only have 1 sauce for 30 wings. Its not until you order 40 wings that you can have 2 sauces. Its not until you have 100 wings that you can try 4 flavours. Or you have to order 10 wings at a time (or 5 at lunch). If your going to have so many sauces to try, I would think you would want to give your customers a chance to sample. Especially since your menu is basically wings. I know I know, its a business first, not a hippie/communist wing love fest. But can't it be?

My last 2 orders were just the plain Mesquite, and Gar-Par.

MESQUITE: After having the Sweating Bullets, I wanted to have the mesquite on its own. Well, it wasn't as good. It wasn't bad at all, a nice BBQ sauce, but the heat in the Wild gave it the necessary kick that was really missing in this sauce.

GAR-PAR: Labelled their "Best Selling Wing" and Megan's favourite, I decided to try the Gar-Par wings. That's garlic-Parmesan, or Renee's Caesar Dressing and Parmesan cheese. I've had gar-par fries which were amazing, and these wings were quite the flavour. Extremely rich, thick, and creamy, I can see why so many people like this wing. I personally couldn't eat more than the 5 I had, simply because it is such a all encompassing indulgence.

Throughout all this, I did have some of the fries. I really did not enjoy them though. Unlike their wings, I'm pretty sure they are frozen, and while they look like fresh cut and seasoned, they were extremely blah. I ended up taking them to go and jazzing them up another day.

Now that I have had 7 different flavours of their wings, I don't know what I would try next time. I've had their hottest, their most creamy, and most BBQ. Where do you go from there? Trying the mesquite was a step backwards, and sometimes you can never go back. But I'm sure to go back to Wild Wing again.

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