Friday, 30 November 2007

Wahoo 2 Sports Bar - Belleville ON


It had been a quick weekend up to Ottawa with Mr P, him visiting Paul, and I seeing LJ. Mr P and I met up on a few occasions, but the biggest part of the trip had to be the actual road part of the trip. We left downtown Toronto at 5pm. We stopped for dinner in Oshawa, driving for what seemed like forever to find a place. The place we did eat at made us wait 45 minutes for food - so by they time we had reached Ottawa, it was about 30 minutes past midnight.

The weekend went by, and we left Monday morning. Heading to Stittlsville, everything from antique stores to the Diefenbunker were closed, prompting us to be on the road early. We travelled North to a ghost town known as Balaclava, and then South stopping at little shops along the way (see photos of the Balaclava and creepy dolls HERE). By the time we had finished running around in Belleville, it was 5pm. We didn't have lunch so we were quite hungry, but we spent a ton of time, like Oshawa, trying to find a place to eat. Having driven down the main road for the third or fourth time, we surrendered and went to a local sports pub.

Wahoo's Sports Bar was on the edge of town, with little to no competition around. Its roadhouse exterior and sports moniker made us think we were entering a jock-like environment in which we would eat quick and get out. Instead, we found the seniors hang out. Inside the seemingly small restaurant were 3 main rooms: the bar (where all the old men were), a games room (with two high schoolers) and the 'dining' room, with no one. We sat in the dining room which overlooked the Bay of Quinte.

The barmaid/waitress brought us menu's that had so much to choose from, our opinions of the place were certainly turning around. The decor was still pretty junky (crappy 90's tables and chairs, no effort into the place's appearance) but the food might have something to offer.

Jason went for the wrap sandwich - chalked full of chicken, bacon and goodness. He got it with onion rings that were cooked to my own desire, and the wrap was clearly large, almost the size of a Berlin special!

Of course, I went through the menu, ogling burgers, potato skins and other appetizers/dinner options, but of course, I went with the wings. Oh, and a Greek salad.

2007 THE SCORE 3.0: WAHOO’s Sports Bar - Belleville

dusted, buffalo style
6 for $5.99,
12 for $8.99
§ mild/medium/hot/suicide
§ bbq
§ honey garlic
§ Caribbean jerk ($0.50 extra)
§ Death Wish ($0.50 extra)
§ Jack Daniel’s Sauce ($0.50 extra)
tingle - could feel it, but for suicide it was sad
good, sweet
napkins, moist toilettes, bone plate
Wednesday nights $0.40
good – definitely worth stopping off the 401

The great thing about lowered expectations, is that when something good does come, its a welcome surprise. The vibe of the place didn't impress me, but the wings sure did. Big, meaty, crispy wings with the perfect amount of sauce. The dusting applied before deep frying gave it an extra crunch, and their more than decent size provided lots of wing nourishment for not an expensive price.

The sauce wasn't floating, but it certainly was enough to be slippery when holding. There was a sweetness to it, and very little heat. That was very dissapointing for their suicide. They did have a hotter sauce, Death Wish, but its just a commercial sauce you can buy anywhere.

To suppliment my hunger, I ordered a classic Greek salad. This was a monster of lettuce, cucumber, olives (one of my food nemesis') and of course feta. There was so much feta, it was a winter wonderland of a salad.

The Greek salad is overlooked all too often as a perfect accompanyment to almost any Western meal. Overshadowed by the Caesar, an excellent salad, the Greek makes up for the creamy richness found in its rival with feta and more veggies. Its a little tangy, and it won't leave your breath in a killer way when you are done.

FINAL SCORE: Despite its terrible name and less than desirable atmosphere, the food at the Wahoo is certainly enough to make this citizen of the Wing Nation want to come back if ever in Belleville. So if you are travelling East towards Ottawa, or West towards Toronto, take a stop at this great food emporium. 16/20

Wahoo's Sports Pub
449 Dundas Street West
Belleville, On

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