Friday, 8 December 2006


With a chill in the air, and classes almost over, I was struck with a desire for some after class snack. I though about Slice of New York, in which my friend Ether had informed me now sells wings. Searching for a justification for having wings this night - late supper? stress relief? reward of accomplishing something? I realized I didn't need justification, why can't I have some wings.

This small pizzeria is not your typical pizza-pie establishment. While they do have pizza, the Stromboli's are the biggest hit here. Halal friendly, serving shawarma and other foods, this place offers a lot of different options for a variety of diets.

I had been here before for stromboli, and tasty pizza in the past, and had been disappointed on their lack of wings. But now they serve wings, and I had to try them out.


SIZE of WINGS: medium, but a hearty medium
HEAT: 4/10
PRICE: $4.99 for 6, $6.99 for 10, $9.99 for 15, $12.99 for 20


SAUCE CHOICE: mild sweet/spicy, medium sweet/spicy
SIDES: none
WETNAP: none
: deep fried (I watched the guy do it)

They were a medium but meaty sized wing. They were relatively crispy, but sauce quickly removed that element. Also, by the time I got them hold they were a bit cold. Thats my fault, not SNY's. I could see the deep fryer behind the counter, and at one point I thought the guy was going to burn them (as he was busy with other orders and it seemed like they were in for a really long time) but they came out looking golden delicious.

He never asked me what kind of sauce I wanted on them, but I watched him toss them in a reddish-brown sauce. I could smell them all the way home and all the way up in my elevator - definitely causing students in the lift to smell around, trying to figure out what someone had.
The sauce was sweet/spicy. Meaning not a traditional buffalo sauce, but something in between a bbq, hot and or thai sauce. It was good, definitely a change from the everyday. But no real heat to speak of. I actually don't know if I got the medium or the mild - I doubt either would do any damage.

In the end, these were on par with other pizza-chain wings I've tried but have a unique sauce that separates them from other places. Oh, and the slice of pepperoni was good to. It wasn't really a New York style slice, but it was worth grabbing again another night.

Slice of New York
64 Edward Street
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